5 Facts About Vision in America That You Need to Know this World Sight Day

1. Vision disorders are the most common disability among all American school children.

Vision issues often go undiagnosed because they can go unnoticed at general screenings during doctor's visits. To get an accurate assessment, take your child to a licensed optometrist who can conduct a comprehensive exam of your child's eyes.

2. 25% of children between 5-17 have an undiagnosed vision issue.

Because of limited access to quality care and financial inability, many students won't be able to succeed in the classroom - by no fault of their own. Most students don't even realize that their vision is abnormal.

3. Only 3 states require early childhood vision exams for students before school starts.

Most states require screenings but it's up to parents and guardians to take their children to a licensed optometrist. 80% of learning is visual - if you can't see, you'll struggle to learn!

4. Underprivileged children are more likely to suffer from undiagnosed, but correctable, vision issues.

Uninsured children are three times as likely to go without eyeglasses when needed and 24% of children who need follow up care were unable to obtain it because of limited financial ability.

5. It makes sense: Kids with good vision do better in school!

A study conducted by the National Commission on Vision and Health found that children who are treated for eye problems perform better academically by as much as an entire extra year of school. The use of eyeglasses is specifically correlated with improving grades and higher scores on standardized tests.

Education In Sight knows the statistics and is doing something about it. By working with schools, local optometrists, community partners, and a network of sight leaders, Education In Sight bridges the gap between students and comprehensive, quality eye care by bringing the care directly to students in the schools.

Join Education in Sight in helping students get a pair of desperately needed glasses by sponsoring a child this World Sight day, October 9, 2014. Visit www.education-in-sight.org to learn more about their work in China and the United States and to donate.

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