5 Facts You Didn't Know About Blogging And Its Value For Your Brand

5 Facts You Didn't Know About Blogging And Its Value For Your Brand
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Are you considering adding a blog to your online strategy this year?

As an online professional, chances are that you are present on more than a few social media networks.

You recall that the social media networks were not as ubiquitous even five years earlier.

Things have changed.

Constant Connectivity

Today, it's rare to find someone not carrying a smart phone or some other device to connect to the Internet.

In fact, there have been concerns whether constant online connectivity is replacing actual physical meetings.

Competitive Online Presence

In simple terms, a significant majority of consumers spend a majority of their time online. Businesses have recognized this trend and have invested in building a strong online presence.

While digital marketing has definitely helped in increasing the reach of businesses, it has also given rise to tough competition in almost all the business categories.

Consequently, businesses are facing more competition than ever when it comes to the mind-share of the consumer.

Branding Strategies That Work

This is the reason that businesses need to focus on embracing platforms that can help them in reinforcing their brand message. One of the most effective platforms when it comes to branding is your business blog.


(Data from Hubspot.com)

So, if you have been neglecting your blog or haven't even started a blog for your business, here is a brief guide on why blogging is so valuable for your brand. (It can even have a therapeutic value)

#1 - More Traffic to Your Website


In simple terms, brand means awareness. The best way to increase awareness about your products and services is to tell more people about it.

Begin your blogging journey

The smart way to get more people to your website is to learn how to create a blog site.

In simple terms, it's a virtuous cycle that feeds itself.

Google & Search

Search engines love fresh content and most often give preference to websites that publish quality content regularly.

Your blog is the best place to publish new content on a regular basis.

When you publish a new blog post, you have one more page on your website which means that you have one more opportunity to get traffic from search engines.

Oh, Social Media

Blogging not only attracts traffic from search engines but also from social media. You want to make sure to add social sharing widgets to your blog too.

People love to share content they like on various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest among others.

Quality Engagement And Sharing Potential

When you publish high quality posts full of useful information it is likely to be shared by readers with their friends and family on various social media site.

Your content gets more shares on social networks which in turn brings builds more awareness about your brand.

Blogging also helps with building up your social media presence as the repository of content on your blog can be used for building up your social media profiles.

#2 - Builds Authority

When you regularly publish blog posts that help your readers keep up with the latest trends in your industry, it helps in establishing you as an authority in your industry.

Answer Questions

The best blogs provide readers with useful content that answer common questions. This is especially useful for sales professionals.

It is true that measuring increased authority is not as easy as increase in traffic and leads, but you may measure the impact of blogging by measuring the sales enabled by your blogs.

When you answer the questions via blog posts, it helps in building trust which in turn helps the sales process.

Education-based Marketing

Readers who have been benefited from your blog posts will be more educated when they enter the sales process which means that you are going to have a far more productive sales conversation.

#3 - Long-Term Results

The content on your blog drives long-term results as a good piece of content will keep bringing traffic.

If your posts start ranking in the search engines, you will keep getting traffic and leads for days, months and years to come.

#4 - Builds Better Customer Relationships & Search Attraction


A brand is a sign of trust. It represents the promise to your customers.

Consumers buy a brand because they trust a brand and feel a relationship with the brand.

Customer Experiences

Another benefit of blogging is that it helps in developing better customer relationships as it is another avenue for business to deepen the connection with the customers.

Your clients connect directly with your business on your blog and get to know your product and business better.

Consumers want to be informed and when your blog becomes a trusted source of information, they appreciate the efforts.

The Future of SEO

And, the New SEO (infographic) is showing us that search experience is becoming key to the future of search engines themselves.

The conversations with potential and existing customers on your blog in the form of comments will last much longer as compared to a Facebook post or a response on Twitter. Plus, you get the benefits from building owned media assets.

These conversations will also be seen by other customers and help in deepening the relationship with your brand.

#5 - Builds Brand Awareness

When you publish quality content on your blog on a regular basis, it helps in keeping your business fresh in the minds of your target consumers and entices them to use your services and products.

Quality blog post offers consumers an insight into your product and the organization behind the product.



In summary, these are key advantages of blogging for businesses:

  1. Gets more targeted traffic to your website
  2. Creates a powerful authority boost for your brand
  3. Gains long term results and traffic
  4. Creates better customer relationships
  5. Builds greater brand awareness

So, start a blog now or if you already have one, create a blog and marketing calendar and keep publishing high quality content to attract more traffic and to enhance brand awareness.

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