5 First Dates to Avoid

First dates can be wonderful. From the third outfit you try on to first kiss, the first date can set the tone for the next few weeks that follow. At the very least, you usually get a good story out of them. A delicious brunch, a happy hour drink or even a walk in the park can all lead to a lovely time. But unlike a casual lunch, some first dates should be completely avoided.

We've all had some pretty spectacular first dates, while others have put the brakes on a new relationship before it even got off the ground. From comedy clubs to coffee houses, whether it's your decision or his, here are five activities you should try your best to avoid.

1. The movies:
I know this seems like a good idea at first. You figure it will take a lot of the pressure off being alone with someone for the first time, but unless you're doing something afterwards, this isn't a good idea. Think about it, you don't get to have a conversation which is the most important part of your date to begin with. And if the movie is bad, well, it could also put a damper on things.

2. A Comedy Club:
Again, you won't be able to have a conversation. Well, not unless you enjoyed being heckled by an annoyed comedian. Best case scenario, you get a couple of laughs, but you don't really get to know the person you're with. Worst case, the comedian is a particularly raunchy one and you'll be forced to listen to inappropriate jokes with someone you haven't even held hands with yet. The date can get uncomfortable, fast.

3. A work event:
Yes, your job is very important to you. As is his to him. Having said that, it's not necessarily a good idea to let these two worlds collide on a first date. For one thing, it can be a very formal environment depending on the type of office you work in. For another, you're probably going to end up talking about work for most of the evening. That's just one part of who you are, don't let him think it's the only thing you care about right off the bat.

4. Meeting up with his friends:
There are so many things that could go wrong with this situation. Not only do you have to make a good first impression with your date, but now you're available for all of his friends to judge you. As if you weren't nervous enough already! And for the ladies still in college, going to a frat party for a first date probably isn't a good idea either. Furthermore, if a guy really likes you, he'll probably want you to himself for an initial get together!

5. Just coffee:
This first date idea is another one that's good in theory, but doesn't always work out. It's much too short. Even if you have two cups of coffee, it probably won't last much longer than 45 minutes. Also, it can get kind of crowded in the coffee house, especially if you're in a major city. Nothing kills the mood quicker than awkwardly squeezing into a crowded corner with your hot cup of joe.