5 Fitness Tips for Traveling Workers

This guide is going to show you some great tips for staying fit as a traveling worker.
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Are you the sort of worker who is constantly on the road?

Living out of a suitcase most of the time can make staying fit and healthy difficult, but it pays to stay in shape. You have so many obstacles in your way, including the eternal search for a gym and the need to stay away from fast food. But just because you are living a semi-nomadic lifestyle as you travel from conference to conference and client to client doesn't mean that you have to trade in being fit. Staying fit is like running a business.

This guide is going to show you some great tips for staying fit as a traveling worker.

The Gym Issue

The most pressing concern you have is the need to find a gym. In most cases, this can be solved by simply choosing a hotel with a gym or one that has a gym in the local area. With so many business people concerned about their fitness, hotels are starting to cater to them, so it's easier than you might think.

But if you have no choice in the hotel you go with, you may have no choice but to deal with a hotel without a gym. So what do you do in this situation?

To begin with, see if there is a gym within easy reach. As long as you are a relatively short distance away, it's the same as having a hotel gym. Try to check in advance to see if they accept people off the street without the need to purchase a full membership.

Training Without a Gym

The worst case scenario is that there's no gym nearby and the hotel doesn't have any fitness equipment for you to use. At this point, you may decide that you have to simply skip your workout session and wait until you move to the next place. This isn't the case at all.

One option available to you is to simply go out for a run. You may even be able to rent a bike at a reasonable price. Cardio is relatively easy to fit in because you already have the outside world at your disposal, but strength training can be harder.

You may be lucky enough to be in an area with a child's playground. These are great for bodyweight exercises because you can use the bars for everything from push-ups to pull-ups. You won't be able to hit a personal best on the squat, but bodyweight exercises can keep you in good shape.

Another option is to bring some resistance bands with you. These are compact and take up a minimal amount of space in your bag. Feel free to use them in conjunction with bodyweight exercises in the comfort of your hotel room.

Fitting the Time In

If you have a busy schedule, fitness may be the first thing that you push out of your schedule. Prevent this from happening by making fitness time sacred. Ensure that you are spending as much time as possible on fitness. Compromise on everything else before you compromise on your workout and weave it into your day.

What about Your Meals?

Fitness is only part of the process. In order to keep your body in peak condition, nutrition is just as important. The chances are you don't have access to a kitchen on a regular basis. And you don't want to eat out in a restaurant all the time or you are going to blow your budget.

The way to manage your meals is to try to access a kitchen around once a week. This can give you the time you need to cook all your meals for the next week. Place them into small, compact Tupperware boxes. Most hotels have microwaves, so you can easily heat them up again.

There are many health food stores with readymade meals that you can pick up for a few dollars. An increasing number of stores are catering to the nomad who wants to stay fit and healthy on the go.

Get the Right Amount of Sleep

The only way you are going to grow muscle and thrive is to make sure you are getting the right amount of sleep. Create a set time for when you will sleep. Make sure you are getting between 7 and 9 hours a night so you can adequately recover. Studies say that 36 percent of Americans get six hours or less per night, and this isn't good enough.

How will you make sure that you stay fit and healthy on the road?