5 Foods You Should Never Eat Again (And What To Eat Instead)

5 Foods You Should Never Eat Again

Heading into fall, as the weather grows colder, it's easy to fall off the exercise bandwagon. Weight gain is a common problem as the idea of heading out for a jog, swim or bike ride becomes less enticing. Huff/Post50 spoke with Kevin Haag, owner of K2 Performance Training, a fitness center in New Jersey, about simple food choices that help stave off those extra pounds.

"People have to pay a little more attention when they get older," Haag said. "Every year over 50, the rule 'you are what you eat' applies a little more." Check out our slideshow below for five foods Haag suggests you should never eat again -- and some delicious, healthy alternatives.

Do Not Eat: Fried Food

Five Things You Should Never Eat (And What To Eat Instead)

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