5 Freelance Jobs Anyone Can Do To Make Money On The Internet

5 Freelance Jobs Anyone Can Do To Make Money On The Internet
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Making money on the internet may be a suspicious topic, but the values online are the same as that offline. The key is to provide value to others, generally through skills or resources that you have and others don’t. In this article, I’m going to outline a few different ways you can make money through freelancing online.


Content is needed by every website on the internet. Businesses need sales copy and press releasees written and blogs need attractive content that will drive impressions. Both will pay you to write content for them. There are a number of webmaster forums and freelance classified sites where you can find those looking for writers. English writers can expect to earn $1 per 100 words, while native writers generally earn around $3 per 100 words.

Graphic Design

Logos, business cards and website designs are no longer something that has to be done locally. Many people are turning to the web to find people to do their design work. In addition to classifieds, there are also design contest websites where the winner is awarded hundreds or thousands of dollars. Logos generally pay anywhere from $5 for an amateur logo, up to several thousands for a logo from a seasoned designer with experience.


With computer science being one of the most lucrative and in-demand degree an undergrad can get, there’s no surprise that there’s a solid demand online. Whether you build web applications, desktop software, mobile apps or operating system modules, there is a job opening out there for you right now. Entry level programmers with 1 year of experience start at around $7 per while while seasoned LAMP developers with 3 years of experience start around $15 per hour.

Micro Tasks

Don’t have time to take on a big task or learning curve like above? How about a task that pays you $0.50, but only takes 60 seconds to complete? These are called micro tasks and there are dozens of websites out there who offer them. Regardless of what country you are in, there are sites out there for you to earn small amounts of money through micro tasks.

Data Entry

Don’t like to write, or not a native speaker? Don’t have an eye for design? Don’t know how to program? Have no fear, data entry is here. Data entry is one of the most popular jobs on the internet. While it is low paying, the barriers to do this job are quite low. Some tasks pay as low as $1 per hour, which is a large sum of money for some people in the world.

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