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5 Gentle Sentiments to Enrich Our Lives

Here is a list of five gentle life sentiments that may help remind us to be committed to learning and growing while following our paths that are set out before us.
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In this life we await moments that take our breath away, the ones that are on fire with desire and thrust us toward an appreciable change in direction. Those moments are here, all around us, waiting to be called upon and heard through the thunder of our everyday lives.

"If we listen we may see that in this life there is a pull towards something greater, something bigger than what we can currently see happening around us. If we can release into the knowledge that it is all much grander than we can even imagine, it could allow us to reach the next level of understanding. A comprehension of the vital importance of our existence.

An ability to see the world through another lens. One that is less weighed down by the roadblocks that our past experiences have created in our minds and replaced with a lens that sees the endless possibilities of unknown ideas waiting to be explored."

As I continue to learn and seek knowledge and truth in a world that is full of surprises, I find comfort in the fact that although at times we may feel as though none of it matters, in actuality everything matters and it is part of our purpose to strive for a better understanding of what we can not see, yet is inexorably occurring all around us.

Here is a list of five gentle life sentiments that may help remind us to be committed to learning and growing while following our paths that are set out before us.

1. Vulnerability is in actuality strength in its invisible form. Being vulnerable in a world that is far too often held tightly together with false pretenses is not always easy. Being vulnerable leaves room for a broken heart, bruised ego or misstep to be lurking just around the corner. But, being comfortable with being vulnerable will allow for eminent possibilities to present themselves. When you give fully, you receive fully.

2. Transparency is a trait that, if practiced, allows others to see first hand that we all are fighting a hard battle and that we are all in this life together. Transparency allows for authenticity which allows for true connection which allows for unparalleled growth for all involved. Holding ourselves back and not allowing others to see our struggles hinders growth for not only ourselves, but for those who may feel even more isolated and in turn feel as though they are the only ones fighting the uphill battle. Transparency is a beautiful quality to be nurtured.

3. Staying true to the authenticity within ourselves will allow space for growth without the hindrance of societal pressures that are constantly begging for us to follow instead of lead. We all are made perfect. We all have an energy and a light that is waiting to be nurtured and shared with the world. When we do so we are changing something within the world, something that is bigger than we can see and is part of the reason why each of us are here. Staying true to our hearts and who we are, matters. Each of us are here for a reason, be inquisitive as to why that is and attempt to live into that beautiful and unique purpose.

4. Putting intentional thought into the temporariness of everything can help us to live into the beautiful moments of our present times. It is all fleeting and temporary. All that is currently around us will not always be. It is a beautiful and terrifying reality entangled so intricately together that it can be hard to wrap our minds around. When we begin to understand that everything in our lives.. people, relationships, material possessions, all of it, are not ours to keep, then we will begin to fully understand the importance of living into our present moments without the tightly held grip of ownership. Being present in a world that seems to be spinning out of control, is the key to a peaceful heart.

5. Once we know true love within the very essence of everything, the world may suddenly make more sense. Love is everything. We are made up of love and love is one of the main reasons why we are here. Romantic love, friendship love, peaceful love, quiet and unassuming love, joyful love, soul shattering, mind-blowing, passionate kissing, love. All love. When we learn to give, receive and live into this love, the world makes more sense.