5 Awesome Gizmos To Help You Sleep it Off This Summer


Amidst many a sequential burst of outdoor bliss, summer is the season of long vacations, camping trips, picnics and soccer. It's the season of fun and relaxation, of parties and wine, of getting yourself fat by sitting on a couch and binging on Netflix all day. And who could forget the naps? A nap now and a nap then. A nap for when you're bored, a nap for when you're excited. A nap for when you're lazy, a nap for when you're exited. A nap for when you are high, a nap for when you're low... You get the point. But even if you are not interested in taking that many naps, you probably want to at least make the best out of your sweet summer sleep. If tension and pressure are preventing you from indulging in your beauty sleep, here are five different gadgets technology has created just to help you sleep better.

If you like ambiance, you'll love Aura. For many people, pitch darkness isn't exactly the perfect atmosphere for a good night's sleep. It can make one feel suffocated or just scared. That's why many people prefer to have a decent light and sound show going on as they slumber. Created by a France-based company that specializes in health technology, Aura helps you achieve just that with a beautiful orange glow mimicking sunset and some soothing environmental music to go with it. What's more, a combination of sleep sensors underneath your bed along with light, sound and temperature measurement systems allow the device to track and document your sleeping conditions throughout the night, allowing you to improve your sleeping habits based on the intel. There's also an alarm clock connected to it that wakes you up just when your sleep is the least deep.

Do erratic sleep patterns trouble you at night? Do you find yourself staying up till late, or feeling drowsy way before bedtime? Then Re-Timer may just be the thing for you. A headset that suppresses the secretion of the sleep hormone by emitting a green light into your eyes, Re-Timer helps you adjust when you sleep and when you wake. It taps into the circadian rhythm of our bodies and prevents us from feeling over-exhausted at bedtime, allowing us to calibrate our sleep patterns just the way we like it. The device is very effective for those suffering from jet lag or Sleep Affective Disorder.

Ghost Pillow
As a rule of thumb, the temperature of your brain is about 0.39°C to 2.5°C higher than your core body temperature, owing to the high amount of nervous activity going on in this particular organ. The temperature also changes gradually as you fall asleep, adapting to your sleep environment and the reduced brain activity. However, a lack of proper temperature and pressure environments while sleeping can significantly hinder your sleep, making your brain feel restless and exhausted. The Ghost Pillow, a technologically advanced pillow developed by Nature's Sleep, uses thermosensitivity measurement techniques to adjust the surrounding temperature whilst you sleep, giving your brain a brush of cool air to help keep it calm and comfortable.  The pillow can either be purchased separately or in addition to a mattress and foundation.

If you live in a noisy apartment with distractions aplenty even at night, you may have considered getting yourself one of those bulky, uncomfortable earplugs to sleep better at night. As a far superior alternative, the smart earplugs from Hush combine the concepts of earplug and headphone to cancel out noise and play soothing music throughout the night to help you sleep. Combined with a personal alarm to wake you up just in time for work, Hush can be a pretty good companion to help you through a peaceful night's sleep.

A wearable headband that tracks brain activity as you sleep, Dreem can be a bit weird to look at at first glance. But don't let that turn you away, as Dreem is the first wearable smart sleeping technology that helps you not only monitor but also improve your sleep time. It tracks down your brain activity via EEG scanning techniques and monitors the different stages as you fall asleep at night. By making use of waves of vibration and rhythmic sound, Dreem tracks and monitors your sleep patterns and supplies you with the correct treatment to help you sleep more comfortably.

Sleep is one of the most essential elements of our daily lives. In order to make our waking lives more productive, proper sleep is essential for every human being. What technologies do you use to enhance your sleeping patterns at night and increase productivity during day? Let us know in your comments!