5 Globally Inspired Gifts That Make a World of Difference

5 Globally Inspired Gifts That Make a World of Difference
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Every year I search high and low for globally inspired gifts that also make a difference. In part to encourage global learning and traveling as well as support social entrepreneurs. The following are my top 5 which are sure to surprise and delight every globally minded person on your gift list.

Jewelry/Home Goods/Accessories

12 Small Things - I met the founder of this breakout company, Laurie Kanes, this fall and was deeply impressed by her approach to carefully curating and supporting local artisans around the world. And though all of her featured items are beautiful and unique, my pick is the Soko Brass Jewelry collection which is handmade in Kenya.


TATCHA - I discovered TATCHA this summer at a Parlay House salon where founder Vicky Tsai was speaking. TATCHA is a pioneer in natural skincare whose approach blends the ancient wisdom and tradition of the Geisha with modern anti-aging science. Central to their business is the encouraging and empowering of girls through their support of Room to Read in Cambodia, a personal passion of Vicky's. For each TATCHA purchase one girl goes to school. And though I am obsessed with their entire Daily Ritual, my favorite gifts include the Indigo line (inspired by Samurai warriors) and Kokoro gifts with the their signature gold cmpact which encourages each woman or girl to focus on their inner beauty and strength.


With all the craziness and panic per Bloomberg's recent article on the coming demise of chocolate, I'm supporting those chocolate makers who are actually working with farmers to save the heirloom cacao around the world, the good stuff. Truly a David and Goliath story, it is important for those who love chocolate to support those chocolate makers and chocolatiers who have banded together as members of the Fine Chocolate Industry Association who are leading the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Initiative and this past November issued a call to action.


Fair Trade Journals - There is something magical, calming and lasting about writing down one's experiences when you travel or aspire to new adventures. A travel journal is a great gift for all ages and I always have several spare on hand for last minute gifts. Thankfully Amazon stocks numerous styles of handmade fair trade leather travel journals so you too can stock up.

For Kids

Little Passports- Two San Francisco Mothers started this company to give their children the world....literally. This is the gift that keeps on giving as they have created unique and fun ways for kids to not only learn about the world but to encourage their curiosity about other cultures and travel as well.

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