5 Great Comedy Moments From Charlie Murphy

He will be truly missed.
Charlie Murphy performing at the Stress Factory Comedy Club in 2014. 
Charlie Murphy performing at the Stress Factory Comedy Club in 2014. 

It’s a sad day for comedy.

Charlie Murphy, best known for his sketches on “Chappelle’s Show,” passed away Wednesday from leukemia at the age of 57. The older brother of Eddie Murphy, Charlie was renowned as a great comedian in his own right.

In honor of his genius and his work, below are five of Charlie Murphy’s funniest moments, from “Roll Bounce” to “Chappelle’s Show”:

  • Charlie Murphy vs. Prince
    In this clip from "Chappelle's Show," Murphy recounts the time Prince beat him in a game of basketball ...
  • Charlie Murphy vs. Prince
    ... And then made him pancakes.
  • Leroy Smith
    While the "Chappelle's Show" sketches demonstrated Murphy's great talent for storytelling, the comic also had a penchant for playing funny characters. In this "Funny or Die" sketch, he plays athlete Leroy Smith, "the person who made Michael Jordan the best basketball player of all time."
  • "Roll Bounce"
    Murphy may have found notoriety on the small screen, but he also had an extensive career in movies, starring in everything from "Harlem Nights" to "CB4." This brief clip of Murphy from 2005's "Roll Bounce" is too good not to include. 
  • Charlie Murphy on meeting Rick James
    In this clip from "Chappelle's Show," Murphy shares his hilarious first encounter with Rick James, where he witnessed the singer's "orange aura."


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