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5 Hash Brown Recipes That Will Rock Your Morning

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When we roll out of bed and our bodies are all "NOW. FEED ME HOT BREAKFAST NOW," reliably salty-starchy aromatic hashes give us life. Some are laced with corned beef; others are composites of whatever we happen to have in our fridges. But they always bring the crispiest bits and big-time flavor--these 10 hash recipes are just what we need.

Credit: Hirsheimer & Hamilton

1. Corned Beef Hash
This recipe is a two-step process, but nothing about it is difficult. Start by cooking the beef the day before (if you also want to have it for dinner that night, just double the recipe). It's chilled overnight, becoming even more flavorful. The next day, shred the cooked corned beef and throw the hash together, then bask in your accomplishment. Get the recipe.

Credit: Christina Holmes

2. Skillet Hash Browns
Here's a recipe that justifies the existence of that food processor grating disk (you didn't throw it out, we hope). If you don't have one, a box grater will do. Get the recipe.

Credit: Alex Lau

3. Celery Root Hash
You can store celery root in the fridge, unpeeled, in an unsealed plastic bag, with a dry paper towel to absorb excess moisture, for up to 3 weeks. Get the recipe.

Credit: Alex Lau

4. BA's Best Hash Browns
There are two kinds of hash browns: The chunky, floury, vaguely brown but not crisp kind, and the lacy, crunchy, shredded version here. Guess which one we prefer? Get the recipe.

Credit: Christopher Testani

5. Stuffing Hash
Crowned with a fried egg and drizzled with maple syrup, stuffing hash belongs in the brunch canon. Get the recipe.

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