5 Healthy and Delicious Smoothie Recipes

When the weather gets really hot, it's important to drink cool beverages to keep your body temperature down. Smoothies make great use of ingredients you might already have in your refrigerator, and are a healthy way to start your day. Check out these five healthy smoothies from

Avocado-Banana Smoothie Recipe
This smoothie takes a cue from Moroccan smoothies, and is equally refreshing and filling. Choose this for a healthy morning meal that will keep you energized until lunch time. Don't worry about a funny flavor, avocado gives this smoothie extra richness.


Vegan Super Duper Green Kale Smoothie Recipe
Whether you're vegan or not, this smoothie packs nutritional punch without resorting to dairy. The kale adds extra fiber and gets rounded out by a hefty serving of berries. Not a fan of greens in your morning beverage? Try this five-a-day version for non-kale drinkers.

Five-Ingredient Very Berry Soy Smoothie Recipe
Take advantage of summer's berries with this soy-based smoothie. Though it's a simple recipe, it's built for flexibility and gives suggestions for healthy additions. Special tip: use frozen berries for an extra dense drink.


Healthy Chocolate Smoothie Recipe
For chocoholics, it can be hard to resist any form of cacao, and this smoothie offers a healthy substitute to decadent milkshakes. Made with almond milk, it is the healthy shake version of a chocolate kiss with almonds.

Taste of the Tropics Smoothie Recipe
Sometimes smoothies can be bland, and if they're flavorful they might have secret sugar. This tropical-inspired recipe gives you a mix-and-match formula to make your own delicious concoction.

What's your favorite smoothie?