5 Healthy Cures for Fear

Like certain climates promote catching a cold, today's world events are creating a climate of fear. Fear is like a cold that keeps spreading. It is difficult to know when you have caught the fear going around, but don't worry -- there is a cure.

Treating fear is like treating a cold. The five steps you take when you feel a cold coming on: figuring out where you caught it, staying away from sick people, spending time alone, taking actions to lesson the cold, and finally, being mindful so you don't get sick again are the same steps that reduce your chances of a prolonged case of fear.

Figure out where you caught it.
We are all empathic; we pick up on other's emotions, physical pain and yes, fears. When you start to feel fearful, look around you, whom were you talking or listening to? Ask yourself: Does this fear resonate with me or with my beliefs? Was I fearful before I talked or listened to someone recently? Becoming aware of where fear comes from can determine if it is yours or someone gave it to you. It's important to not judge yourself or the fear. If you realize it isn't yours, let it go.

Stay away from fearful people
Be kind to yourself and get out of the fear zone. If you are around a person or group promoting fear, ask: Is this person or organization highly educated on the subject or just offering opinions? Try to not hang around those fearful people for a while and see if you're still afraid. Search out people who don't carry that fear and see why they aren't afraid. Ask the same question; Is this person or organization highly educated on the subject or just offering opinions? Do yourself a favor and stop watching the news for a week or switch stations and watch the news from another perspective. Stay sane; avoid the Internet unless you are looking at responsible, well-respected journalism. On Facebook or other social media, it is okay to "hide" people who are posting fearful doomsday posts.

Spend time alone
Spending time alone allows you to detach from other's energy including their fear energy. Alone time can help you reboot. Being introspective usually helps you see fears more clearly. But if you find yourself getting worse, call a friend or watch a funny movie. Give your mind a rest. Another anti-fear technique is meditating. A simple meditation is sensing the breath coming in and out of your nose. Make sure you're getting enough sleep, are eating well and staying hydrated. Often dehydration can create confusion. After a while alone, see if the fear has lessoned. If not, work on this next step.

Take action
A powerful cure is balancing fear by taking action. Action can be with your mind, your pen, or if necessary, with medication. You may not be able to change the situation causing you fear, yet you can most likely choose how you react to it. Join a support group, write a letter, and look for small ways to lesson the fear. Talking to a professional helps get perspective on your fear. If necessary, consider medication until you come into balance around the issue. Remember, judging yourself for being fearful won't solve anything. We all get fearful at some point. Get educated on the matter, but as said above, be wary of anything you find on the Internet. If your fear is emotional, use reason to calm it. If your mind is running crazy, look to what your spiritual beliefs tell you about the fear? If your fear stems from an intuitive feeling, sit with your fear in meditation to see what your guidance has to say. Fear often rises up when we feel we have no control over a situation and feel disempowered. Alchemists tell us that in order to shift from one mental state to another, add the opposite energy. Here we would be going from fear to empowerment, so add more time with empowering people, think more empowering thoughts, do what more of what empowers you. Focus on parts of your life that you do have control over, and fix what you can. Start with little things like hiding posts that upset you on Facebook and then work on bigger actions after you feel more empowered.

Be Mindful
Just like you wash your hands frequently when near sick people, habitually wash your mind of fear. Don't allow fearful thoughts to keep running unchecked around your head. Be conscious about how your fear affects your actions and choices. At first, you may just watch the fear create your actions but soon you'll be able to stop fear from controlling you. Find an empowering way to consciously choose to release fear's control. You can visualization putting the fear in a balloon and releasing it or say to yourself, I release this fear, knowing it is not valid. Mindfulness takes a while so remember to not judge yourself when you suddenly realize that fear has taken over your life. With mindful attention, you'll be able to take back control.

In the rare case where you research your fear and find it valid, then it's a real concern. Concerns don't have to run your life; they're a call to action. Get involved in the fix. Find a responsible group who shares your beliefs. Empower your community to work toward solving your concern. It is action toward a solution that changes unhealthy fear into a healthy concern.

Start with recognizing when fear has crept into your life and finish by becoming empowered using these five healthy steps to cure your fear.

Cindy Griffith is an internationally renowned Psychic, Teacher, and Author, with a diverse background in Metaphysics, Meditation, Spiritual Development and Spiritual Business Counseling. Author of Soul Soothers: Mini Meditations for Busy Lives & co author of both Voyage of Purpose and Grow Your Spiritual Business, Cindy expresses her passions of teaching, writing and psychic counseling via clients and students in the USA and abroad. Recently she is teaching Spiritual and Psychic Development and offering channeled sessions in Tokyo, Japan and teaches at Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E) You can learn more about Cindy at and join her on Facebook. Cindy and her husband, David Bennett currently are enjoying life in Virginia Beach.