5 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Stylish Cannabis Lover In Your Life

5 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Stylish Cannabis Lover In Your Life
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Tired of gifting your cannabis loving friends with lighters and grinders? If you're looking to elevate your own smoking experience or perhaps enlighten one of your friends look no further. Here is a gift guide with 5 great gifts for the sophisticated smoker in your life!


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Though there isn't a shortage of vape pens and bongs being produced, something is still very ritualistic and peaceful about rolling up and what better way to elevate that experience than by topping off your blunt with a gorgeous 18k gold blunt tip. This beauty is a collaboration between designer Jungl Julz and OG stoner, Snoop Dogg! Greek Blunt Tip


Looking for something sustainable and cheeky? This bamboo cell phone is a fun way to incorporate the peaceful plant stylishly into your life. Cell Phone Cover


My personal favorite being a chic stoner, these Mary Jane earrings by BingBang NYC! Studs


Looking to liven up your decor? Stay lifted and brighten up your workspace with the Flintstones. Digital Prints



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