5 Houseplants You Can't Kill

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1. Philodendron

What's not to love about this guy? The name means "Tree Lover," and it's a type of vine, so it cascades down as it grows. I have one on my desk, and the bright green against the white of the room really pops. The experts recommend letting to get dry between waterings, and I honestly just wait until it looks a little droopy before I water it. It can be at least a week- 10 days.

2. Kalanchoe

I bought this plant several years ago from the grocery store. I really never watered it, and it just kept on kicking. In the Summer I put it outside and let nature do her thing. In the Winter I bring it in and put it near a window. It's in the succulent family and doesn't require a ton of water, so it's very low maintenance. This particular plant may have seen better days, but it's not dead, so I consider it a success!

3. Succulents

My all time favorite plants. I love the shape of the plants and the shade of green. I had almost all succulents at our wedding. I like them because they require almost no water (about a shot class every 3 weeks), and require zero care. What else could you want in a plant?

4. Cacti

Who doesn't love a cacti? It's the ultimate set it and and forget it plant. I keep mine beside our TV, so I get a little bit of nature while I'm laying on the couch. I honestly never water it, and it always looks fine. They can last for years. I put it outside in the Summer so it gets the heat and some rain.

5. Staghorn Fern

The sStaghorn Fern is like a living pair of antlers on your wall. I found mine at Pollen this Spring. During the Summer it lived outside, and I soaked the board and root ball once a week. In the Winter it will live in my office and get soaked every 2-3 weeks.

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