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5 Ideas for Creating an Enviably-Organized Closet

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If everyone had enough closet storage space, organization stores wouldn't be doing such a brisk business (especially in urban areas). But because many of us need to maximize every square inch of space we have, we get downright giddy about each new organizing idea we find. Below are a few of our favorites.

1. Install shelves at various levels.
Divide your closet into various sections based on the types of items you're storing, like drawers for sweaters, shelves for shoes, and hanging bars at various heights for tops and bottoms.

2. Display handbags on the wall.
When you're not using your favorite clutches, store them (and show them off) in wall-mounted clear acrylic containers. Separate and organize larger handbags with acrylic shelf dividers.

3. Label baskets and bins.

A matching set of storage containers is a great way to keep things organized-until you have to rifle through each one to find what you're looking for, that is. Avoid undoing all your hard work by adding descriptive tags or labels to each basket.

4. Add pull-out racks.
Keep pants and skirts wrinkle-free and easy to access with pull-out racks, which also take up less space than hanging everything on individual hangers.

5. Build an accessory storage space.
In this closet, a space for jewelry is built in behind a hinged mirror, much like a medicine cabinet but on a larger scale.

Image via Founded Project

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