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5 Key Steps to Landing Your Dream Job

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No one said that landing your dream job was easy, but it doesn't have to be impossible either. If you sit whimsically back at your desk believing you'll never get the job you want, then the chances are, you won't. Landing your dream job takes courage, persistence, and a little bit of creative thinking.

Don't be confined by the functions of your role or the corporate structure either. The chances are, with changing technology and markets, you won't have to leave the company you love if you can mold your position around you.

A great example of a company who nurtures employees to achieve their goals is manufacturing giant, Mars. We're all familiar with their chocolate and the household name, but what a lot of people aren't aware of is their impressively low turnover. Or the fact that Mars is consistently named on Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work For.

Many of Mars' employees have worked most of their careers inside the company, including Tracey Massey, President of Mars Chocolate, North America. So, what's her secret to landing your dream job? Well, I asked her in a recent video interview for The Unicorn in the Room, and here's what she said:

Try Different Things
"We work with our employees to understand their interests and then very much encourage them to try different things", says Massey. She explains that most people who work for Mars have tried many different jobs, and not stayed in one function their entire careers. This keeps things interesting, their skills sharp, and gives the opportunity to work in different departments, and even countries.

Get Diverse Experience
Many of us get bored when faced with the same day in, day out job functions. But when you work for a large multinational, you have a chance to try out diverse experiences. So, if you've never tried sales before, for example, you could think about heading that way. If you want to change direction completely, opt for another subsidiary or geographical area of the business.

Think Big
Don't just think about how you can grow in the role you're in, or about having your boss's job one day. Think bigger. Be ambitious. Why should your current boss be your ceiling, or your position stay the same? When Massey started at Mars, her boss asked her what her long-term goals were. "I want to have your job," she said, to which he replied "you're thinking too small. I hired you because I want you to be my boss one day."

Be Open About What You Want
Having an open dialogue with your superiors is essential. If you don't vocalize what you want, then how will other people know you want it? You need to take the initiative to tell them what you want to do and what your goals for the future are. Many people fall short of reaching their dream job because they wrongly believe there is nowhere to grow in the company they work in.

Seize New Opportunities
"Be open to new and different opportunities on your way. You might surprise yourself." Massey reveals that she didn't always plan every career move she made. Sometimes an opportunity came her way and she decided to be open and just try it. You know what she discovered? That what she thought was her "dream job" changed every time she was open to trying something new. She grew and learned with every new challenge she embraced and her job became ever more rewarding.

Even if you try something new to find out that it's not what you want after all, it will still bring you closer to your goals. Of course, it helps to pick the right company to begin with. Not every corporation is famous for nurturing their employees, or empowering them to believe in their abilities. But if you're open-minded and honest about what you want, you can move up the ranks into your dream role - and maybe have some fun along the way.