5 Key Steps To Picking The Perfect Wedding DJ.

5 Key Steps To Picking The Perfect Wedding DJ.
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Now your wedding is around the corner, it slowly dawns, that the show must be perfect. Nothing should be compromised. Having checked all other boxes like venue, outfit, flowers, it's time to let the music play to the high heavens. Music is one of the intricate fibres that make up a near perfect wedding. Guests may easily forget that the dessert didn't get to their corner of the hall but will not as easily forget how the music you played made them feel. Music and entertainment are very important in determining what kind of memory the guests will leave with.

While the most important part of the day is the exchange of vows between two lovebirds, music comes next quite closely. Interestingly, statistics show that about 72% of brides say they wished they had spent more time carefully choosing their music vendors. 65% of couples that chose a band to entertain at their wedding, said, if they had to do it all over again, they would have chosen a disc jockey.

The back and forth that go on in the minds of couples, on whether or not to use a band or DJ is worthy of note. Both have a lot of good to offer when got right, however, you can't afford to risk anything, especially the entertainment at your wedding. Sad as it may sound, you just can't hide bad music, so it behooves you to get it right. A lot of working DJ's are part-time hobbyists who do it just for fun. You'll want to get a professional to man that stand to avoid sad stories. How then do you check that box perfectly?

-Investigate- Take your time to search them out. Go out to some events and get the contacts of the DJ's behind the parties you enjoyed. Ask friends and family to recommend a few and then create a list. Carry out some level of research on those on your list. What equipment are they using? What attitude do they exude when on duty? Read reviews and then decide who to pursue.

-Stand your ground- You may have picked out a DJ, now be sure to communicate exactly what you want. Some DJ's may want to side-track you and have their own way, don't let them. Make him listen to you and your demands. If that's such a hard thing for him to do, it's time to change DJ's.

-Be thorough- Without being a 'bridezilla', you can politely table your music plan. Find a DJ who understands the kind of songs you want played at every section of the event. He must be willing to create fun and show-stopping playlists for different categories. Research show, that professional DJ's prefer it, when the client clearly tells them what they want to hear. Walk through playlists for the father-daughter dance, bride procession, parent's procession, couples dance and more. Don't be afraid to be thorough.

-Create your playlist early- It may sound like a flimsy part of the process but it's not. It's advisable to get your playlist to your DJ at least two weeks before your wedding day so he gets familiar with what you want. The Dj who makes that demand, knows his onions indeed. Stick with him. Let him know the songs that must not be played. If you can't stand songs with swear words, let him know. If you don't like a particular artiste, let him know as well. But be an early bird and have his work cut out for him.

-Be Friendly- I know a lot of brides have too much on their plate to care much, but it does pay, to get to know your Dj. Know his office, read up on him/her, search out some FAQ's online or plan a meet so you can look him in the eye and know what your guts tell you.

A good DJ is worth his weight in gold and it's important to choose value over cost. While you have a budget to work with, do remember not to ruin a great wedding with a bad DJ.

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