5 Keys to Living Life Like a Zen Master

Who doesn't want to learn to handle life with the grace of a saint and the creative power of a Zen Master? Who doesn't want to deal with all the ups and downs each day with an inner calm and sense of peace that can be maintained no matter what one is facing?

Below are 5 key attributes of being a true Zen Master. It is these attributes that allow one to step more into the flow of life and into a sacred state of mind, body and creative spirit that leads to a constant sense of peace and fulfillment.

1. Endless compassion and empathy for all things

A Zen Master demonstrates compassion and empathy for all things. She or he knows that this is a key to connecting with others. These abilities emerge from a mind that is so much at peace that there is a clear capacity to acknowledge the plight and circumstances of others. This insight allows one to connect with another on a deep level and have a real positive impact. This connection occurs because others feel that they are truly understood. Once this trust and connection is built there is an ability to create positive change with them.

2. Eternal optimism and hope

A Zen Master understands the truth that every moment has endless possibility within it. What this really means is that a new realization or belief can spur a immediate new action that can positively change the whole complexion of one's life. This can happen instantly. When thousands of people decide to do this at the same time, the whole world can change in an instant.

3. Trust and understanding that everything happens for a reason

A Zen Master accepts the perfection of all things. He or she only accepts the truth of "what is" in every moment. This acceptance comes from an understanding that all things and happenings have purpose. Even if you can't see the purpose at the time it's are happening. One of life's great adventures is to discover the beauty of the reason and to eventually see that everything is working for you in some way.

4. Presence of mind in every moment

A Zen Master is always totally committed to being present in every moment and to what is before them. A master knows that distraction, or not being absorbed into the moment at hand dilutes one's creative power. To have the most impact on your world you must be fully absorbed in the experience of the person place or thing that life has brought before you in each moment.

5. Peace in the knowing that life is infinite

A Zen Master is not attached to anything in life because he or she knows that all material things are finite. This does not mean they cannot be experienced, enjoyed, and loved. It simply means that it can be enjoyed and loved without need and from the greatest amount of freedom and gratitude possible. While the master knows that all things are fleeting and finite, simultaneously she or he knows all is infinite and unending and it is this understanding of the infinite, evolutionary and transformational nature of life that allows the master to be in a constant creative flow with the Universe.

These attributes must be embodied fully. They must be contemplated and embraced with a true understanding that comes from the practice of questioning, self-awareness and self-reflection that brings this wisdom to fully to mind. The result is a beautifully elegant expression of energy that is extremely powerful and creative. For the serious student on the path of true awareness, all universal knowledge awaits you!

Howard Falco is a modern day spiritual teacher and sports performance coach to college and professional athletes. He is an expert on mindfulness and embracing the creative power within. He is the author of two books on human understanding and potential; I AM: The Power of Discovering Who You Really Are, and Time in a Bottle: Mastering the Experience of Life (Tarcher/Penguin Group). Known for his powerfully clear and relatable style, Howard presents the wisdom regarding how to harness more of the creative power of the mind to accomplish any result or overcome any challenge, allowing you to achieve a greater sense of peace, understanding and fulfillment in the process. You can more about his work on his website ( HowardFalco.com ) on Facebook at facebook.com/HowardFalco.IAM instagram @howardfalco or twitter @Howard Falco