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5 Kitchen Tools You Cannot Break

Triple-digit temperatures, getting dropped, getting burned... Nothing can take these tools down.
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Jasmine Sun

A kitchen, by default, is a pretty dangerous place, and the Bon Appétit test kitchen is no exception. The atmosphere may not be quite as intense as a professional restaurant one, but there's still fire and knives everywhere you look. And let's not forget about the pointy corners and hard surfaces. Things can be pretty touch-and-go at times, especially for cookware. These five kitchen tools, however, have nothing to worry about.

Our editors have tried many forms of culinary abuse on these five tools -- applying triple-digit temperatures, dropping them, burning foods in them -- but they've managed to survive intact. They're definitely a little banged up and scorched-looking or whatever, but they still work, which is all we really care about anyway.

Pyrex Measuring Cups

Kitchen Tools You Can't Break

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