5 Lessons Caitlyn Jenner Can Teach You About Life

It's out of the bag. Bruce is gone, Caitlyn is here. And E! Entertainment Television's top show has spun its latest starlet: Caitlyn Jenner.

Her story isn't just a win for the advancement of gender politics or elucidating the complexities of sexuality to North America, and much of the world. It's about being true to yourself and not allowing the opinions of others, even those whom you care about, overshadow who you are.

Over the past several years I'd liken myself to an ostrich, not unlike someone in hiding, with my head underground. Despite a daily cocktail of "being present" without ruffling feathers, my mime-like facial expressions silently betray my better judgment. Bouncing from mood swing to wait gain, I've struggled to focus on what lies ahead. In the words of "Sweet brown:"


Caitlyn has found her essence and she can help do the same for you. Here are the 5 Lessons from C.J. on how to communicate with others and keep yourself happy:

Fact vs Fiction - Truth comes from a place of knowledge. You have to put in the work to understand others in order to determine whether the message holds up apart from the messenger. Who knew what, and when, matters. Whether it's a recall or an exercise in CYA.

Perception - Elusive, yet important to be aware of. It's how others view you, and not who you are, so keep a clear understanding of the difference. It can be a tool that can help you best explain yourself or a debilitating roadblock.

Ownership - Everyone may have an opinion, but you must be able to rest at night. Don't spin your wheels trying to please others when no one is losing sleep over how to make your life easier. Identify your Achilles heel and wear comfy shoes because the path is long and the struggle is real.

Trolls - Sometimes they hide behind smartphones and computers while other times their desks and titles. However, they have one thing in common: they don't have your best interest at heart so take a cue from Taylor and "Shake it off" ;)

Come Through! - Ok. So I'm #TeamViolet but the truth is Caitlyn did just that:
• She broke through the clutter to define who she was;
• She addressed the challenges of perception that she faced;
• She owned her role throughout her life, mistakes and all;
• She has maintained her integrity when faced with trolls;
• She emerged as Caitlyn Jenner.

Her true self.