5 Lessons to Happiness, No Matter Your Age

They walked into the doctor’s office holding hands. Both were bundled up with warm winter jackets, hats, gloves and scarves wrapped tightly to protect them from the wintery winds outside. They moved slowly but with purpose. She walked with a cane in one hand. He carried a stylish briefcase in his.

They checked in and made their way slowly to the waiting room. He took his jacket off first, set down his briefcase and then helped his partner take off her winter gear. The zipper on her jacket got stuck. She was frustrated. He tried his best, calmly with a smile on his face. He asked for help and the problem was solved.

She was sick, coughing a lot and clearly in pain. He was a caretaker and a patient himself. He got her water. She didn’t like it. She wanted hot tea so he asked for hot tea, patiently and with lots of charm. She got tea.

He opened his briefcase and pulled out The New York Times. He put his reading glasses on and read the paper for a few minutes. She needed to use the bathroom. He put down his paper and escorted her there, waited, and helped her back to the waiting room. She was comforted; he was in love.

I got called back for my appointment. When I left the office, I saw them outside. Her zipper was stuck again. His eyes met mine, and his smile said it all. I helped her zip up her jacket. He thanked me and said, “You came to the zipper rescue.”

I wished them both a happy holiday season, and as I walked away, I heard her thank her husband…his name was Daniel.

My heart was warmed as I was reminded of 5 lessons to happiness…no matter your age.

Take care of yourself and then help others. Our ability to make a difference in this world starts with making sure that we are taking good care of ourselves – choosing to eat healthy, being physically active, destressing and being present. Plain and simple…it is not selfish to take care of yourself. It is the first step to helping others.

Don’t be afraid of asking for help. No one, no matter how smart, wealthy or connected they may be, can do everything on their own. Our lives are interconnected. Today I may need your help, and tomorrow you may need me. Let’s just be there for each other and not keep score.

Never stop learning. The world is full of so many interesting people, places and things. It is constantly changing. Our way is only one way. Our perspective is rooted in our own experiences. Exploring the unknown can lead to great discoveries that enrich our lives, challenge our assumptions and introduce us to our new favorite things.

Love & Laugh. There is no greater feeling than love, to be wanted and to have someone by your side through the good and the bad. In a world of so much pain and suffering, focus on what you love about those around you. And laugh…laugh so hard that you cry and forget about the stresses of life. Make others smile and you will discover love.

Be grateful. Each day you step out of bed, be grateful for the opportunity to bring more love and laughter into the world. Make it your mission. Don’t get bogged down by what is wrong; focus on what is right.

What are your lessons to happiness?

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