5 Lessons You Learn From Game of Thrones That Will Help You Recover From The Worst Breakup

The sixth season of HBO's Game of Thrones series has started two days ago. You might have missed it because you were busy tending to your broken and ailing heart. You may not even know what I'm talking about because you're so absorbed with plotting for revenge against your now ex-boyfriend. But the fact that you're reading this means you're now ready to let him and everything negative that had happened go and start moving on with your life. If so, here are five life-changing and heart-healing lessons you learn from GoT which will surely help you recover from your most painful breakup and inspire you to move forward in your single life.

1. Everybody makes mistakes.

Remember how Aemon didn't behead fellow Night's Watch member Jon Snow when he slept with a woman even if his duties clearly state that he's not allowed to do so? No, I'm not saying that you find a rebound. Instead, you should be more forgiving with yourself for the mistake you've made, just as how Aemon was. Don't beat yourself up too much just because you didn't recognize an asshole at first glance.

2. Everybody dies sooner or later.

Out of everything that Littlefinger said in the series (a.k.a. Peter Baelish), this one is probably the most inspirational. The rest of his famous line reads "And don't worry about your death. Worry about your life. Take charge of your life for as long as it lasts." Now, what does this mean to your ailing heart? It means that the healing power rests in your hands. You decide when you wanted to be healed and the earliest you can get back on your feet, the better. Valar morghulis.

3. People say crazy things when they're drunk.

Learn from Tyrion who almost lost his head because of loving Hungover City too much. You may not get close to losing your head like him but you may end up drunk texting if you don't limit your drinking and the pity parties you throw. We all know it's not a position you want to be in so drink with moderation.

4. Life is unfair.

If you think life is so unfair because you've given the relationship everything you've got and it still ended, you're not alone. Almost all characters in the series have experienced life's insufferable sense of fairness. The same fate surely awaits characters left making it only right to be excited for the new GoT season. But more importantly, you'll be better than some of them if you stop complaining and you deal with it like a grown-up would.

5. Hodor.
I'm not saying you should say your name over and over (that would be crazy in this world where we live in). What I mean is like Hodor, you should face the world with openness and positivity regardless of all the chaos going on around you. If you do, the earliest you can get your heart back whole again.

Learning these lessons does not automatically mean that your shattered heart will be whole overnight. But these will help you see things from the right perspective. Don't allow yourself to lose hope just because you made the wrong choice. As with everyone who's still alive in the series (because there's just too many who died a brutal death), you'll do yourself a favor if you keep on moving forward. And as you do, continue watching the series for more lessons that may come handy in your next relationship.

Good luck!