5 Life Lessons From Adele

5 Life Lessons From Adele
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The 59th Grammy Awards had many noteworthy performances and winners. I would say this was one of their best shows in years. However, hands down, the showstopper of the night was Adele, winner of Album of the Year. Women, moms and entrepreneurs are you watching as Adele facilitates her Master Class in How To Rock An Authentic Life?

In Adele’s acceptance speech and journey to stardom we received 5 life lessons on how to walk in confidence while sharing with the world our frailties.

1. In Adele’s award show acceptance speech she admitted to the world that motherhood is a challenge at times for her. So many women struggle in silence with the role of mother. In silence because in our world of insta-cropped and filtered to the gods perfectly angled images, who admits they are not perfect? Real mamas do, that’s who. And tonight Adele once again admitted her struggle and gave validity to our own. Now, mamas, we can hold our heads high and admit we didn’t wake up like this. Adele walking in her truth freed so many other mothers, married or single to live in theirs also. A sisterhood of moms sighed a collective sigh and raised their fist in solidarity tonight.

2. Community over competition always holds the stronger hand. All props to Bey for the marketing genius, Lemonade. Her performance was captivating as well. Adele equally gave us a breathtaking vocal performance and replay worthy album in her 25. Who would win? As Adele took the stage in recognition of Album of the Year, she chose community and sisterhood over competition when she acknowledged the powerhouse that is Beyonce. What a strong message this sent to the women watching and industry leaders where ME before YOU typically reigns. Be great. Walk in who you are. Claim your rightful position. Leave them breathless every time you take the stage. However, it is not necessary to shoot down, snub your nose or throw shade at your sister while doing it. Let us all take a page from the book Adele is writing. You can rightfully shine bright without blowing out the light of your sister next to you.

3. Adele has successfully shown us mompreneurs how to market and brand our gift without the need to sell our souls or show our flesh. Adele does not follow the norm or change with the trend. The ingenuity to title each album the year of her age at time of launch was innovative. Her black and white cross platform media branding reminds us less is best most of the time. Eyeliner winged to the gods, lashes and little other makeup, makes her relatable somehow. When she speaks, it’s like listening to someone just like yourself. She shares her travails, her challenges, her heartbreaks and insecurities. Adele has shown us in action how to keep it simple and elegant and still kill it every time. Mompreneurs ― be yourself in every aspect that represents your best body of work. Quality or quantity. It’s fine to go against the grain as long as it aligns with your truest self. They may not know who you are when you first launch, but if you remain authentic, trust me, word will fly at lightning speed about your work. Minimalist still slays. Authenticity still pays.

4. Adversity stops nothing. Let your pain propel your purpose. What if Adele waited until all things were better before she decided to record. It was her music she recorded in her pain that we ran to the Internet or stores to grab up quickly. Life happens everyday of every minute. We have to decide to be committed to completion without conditions. Yes, we must properly grieve and process emotions when life hits a little too hard. However, we must determine a date when we will get up and be an active participant of our own healing and renewal. Engaging in our gift and serving others with our story breaks the victim power and transforms us into VICTORS.

5. Admit when you’ve taken the wrong path, even if it means starting over and risking the crowd whispering about you. But you see, the thing is, when you admit you’re real and make mistakes like the rest of us, people will embrace and surround you in support….and...applaud you. Did you see the Grammy audience stand in ovation as Adele stood in tears after she stopped the live performance to start over. Who does that? Adele does and so should we. I tell my two teenagers all the time, it’s alright to realize you’ve taken the wrong road. Be grateful you caught it when you did. But don’t lose more time standing there beating yourself up because you made a mistake. Get on the right path and keep going. Regroup and just keep going. Your real squad will stand with you and applaud your courage. Do not be shaken by those that don’t.

Thank you, Adele for these lessons we take with us through our journey to become greater. Lessons on how to choose sisterhood over throwing shade. Mastery in pursuing purpose while being imperfect. And how being true to yourself is still king….or in this case, Queen.

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