5 Limited Beliefs That Will Prevent You from Having a Healthy Relationship

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Romantic songs and movies have contributed to the way we visualize and expect relationships to work in real life scenarios. However, these often leads to us far away from facing reality of what true love and real relationships are about. These have contributed to the divorce rate and breakups of relationships as a result of limited beliefs. To have a healthy and long-lasting relationship, you must eliminate these limited beliefs:

  1. True love is easy Every relationship requires work on each partner’s part. You both have to contribute regularly to the health and growth of your relationship. One partner cannot do it all. You will argue, have disagreements and will need to learn each other’s love language to better understand how you can meet your needs. It takes determination and committed from both partners to make it happen. Ask yourself the question, “If it is easy, will it last forever and will it be worth it?”
  2. You cannot have your partner to yourself all the time Wanting to be the center of attraction and focus is not possible. Your partner had family and friends before meeting you. You will have to adjust and learn to accommodate other people in your partner’s life. Give your partner ‘me time’ to socialize with others and take a breather from your relationship so that you do not choke each other and kill the relationship. Will you be comfortable being around your partner alone without having contact with anyone else for the rest of your life?
  3. Your partner will know how to love you and meet your needs Your needs have to be met by you and you also have to love yourself. No one can love you like you would. No one can meet all your needs like you would. Your partner can complement you but cannot give you want you are not willing to give to yourself. Without knowing what your needs are, you will settle for less than you truly deserve.
  4. You can change your partner You cannot change anyone or try to make them who you want them to become. You can only work on yourself and be the best version of you while attracting the love that you are. Do not try to date someone with the hope of changing them. It will leave you hurt and devastated at the end of the relationship. “True love will never require that you try to change anyone. True love accepts you as you are (including your flaws).” - Kemi Sogunle
  5. It has to always be your way You cannot always have your way if you are looking to be in a healthy relationship. You can to be willing to compromise on some levels and reason with your partner. Effective communication, conflict resolutions and openness can help you both build stronger together without trying to control or manipulate your partner. Relationships are a two-way street. No one can have it all and you need each other to stay stronger together.

Healthy relationships lead to a healthy mind and lifestyle. Do not allow your limited beliefs to keep you from finding true love.

"Be the love you wish you attract and keep for a lifetime." - Kemi Sogunle

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