5 LinkedIn Mistakes That You Can Fix in 5 Minutes!

Since LinkedIn is the #1 business social networking tool, it's important that you put the energy and effort into spending your time wisely on LinkedIn. Do you have limited time? No worries!
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Are you ready to enhance your digital footprint as a professional?

LinkedIn is the best tool for individuals who want to maximize their career impact.

Since LinkedIn is the #1 business social networking tool, it's important that you put the energy and effort into spending your time wisely on LinkedIn.

Do you have limited time? No worries!

Here are 5 LinkedIn Mistakes that You Can Fix in 5 minutes!

1.Your Identity is Unknown.
Are you hiding from the FBI? That's what people may assume if you neglect to add a photo to your LinkedIn profile. Think about it. Would you go to a networking event dressed in your sweaty gym attire? Why? You want to make a good first impression. Your LinkedIn photo is the gateway to other professional opportunities. Don't miss out on your next opportunity by having a mysterious identity on LinkedIn.

2. Your URL looks like a foreign language.
What do those numbers at the end of your LinkedIn URL represent? If you don't know, then it should not be included in your URL. This is your chance to create a unique LinkedIn URL that can be added to your business cards and email signature. Your LinkedIn assigned URL appears under your profile picture. To customize your LinkedIn URL, press the "Edit Profile" button. Click the gear symbol next to your URL, which will take you to a separate page where a "Your public profile URL" box will let you change the link. Most people use their first and last names as their unique URL. If you have a common name, use differentiators that would not question your professionalism.

3. You are a LinkedIn Loner.
LinkedIn is a professional NETWORK. Your goal is to use your network in order to build your professional NETWORTH. It's important to engage with your network. You can't use your introvertedness or shyness as an excuse on LinkedIn. Sorry! There are many ways to engage with your network without directly reaching out to individuals. Under the "Connections" tab, LinkedIn makes it easy to find little ways to connect with people in your network. You can congratulate someone on a work anniversary, new job, or recent accomplishment. Take advantage!

4. You neglect the Relationship tab.
Do you remember every person that you meet at networking events? Will you remember the powerful conversation that you had with them two years from now? Don't feel bad if your memory is not up to par. The LinkedIn relationship tab solves all of your memory challenges! Every time you connect with someone new on LinkedIn, you should get into the habit of putting information in the "Relationship" tab that will appear when you click on their profile. In this section, you can add notes that trigger conversations that you had or how you met the person. There are even reminders to reach out to them again in a week, a month, or on a recurring cycle. Add anything you want to the relationship tab. You are the only one that will see these notes.

5. You are a LinkedIn Ghost.
How often do you update your LinkedIn profile? Do you comment on other posts? Do you share valuable information with your network? What are you doing to demonstrate that you are plugged-into what's going on in your industry? Never underestimate the power of your LinkedIn profile. People use LinkedIn to recruit employers, identify their next guest speaker, and create profitable partnerships. An active profile can be your ticket to a myriad of professional opportunities.

Are you guilty of making any of these LinkedIn mistakes? Have you noticed other mistakes that people make on LinkedIn?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Also, there are many more LinkedIn mistakes that professionals should avoid, and I'd love to hear your input as to what YOUR most powerful LinkedIn tip is. Are you looking to take things to the next level on LinkedIn? Make sure to subscribe to the FREE 7 Day Career Goddess Challenge for more resources and updates or connect with me on LinkedIn for a strategy session.

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