5 Mature Beauty Vloggers Every Midlife Woman Needs To Follow

Because when you look your best, you feel your best too.

If you're still using the same makeup routine you had a decade ago -- you've got a problem. Fortunately, we have the beauty bloggers to get you out of your rut.

Here are five of our favorite beauty vloggers on YouTube, who are all agelessly beautiful.

1. Melissa55


We know it's hard to believe, but this gorgeous woman is 60! And a grandma. We recently wrote about Melissa, who is quickly becoming an Internet sensation thanks to her luminous skin and charming southern twang. 

Melissa's channel is a great go-to for hair tips (they love big hair in the South), product reviews and, most importantly, skincare tips. She shares her complete skincare regimen and swears she's never had any work done.

2. HotandFlashy


Angie is a 50-something who will help you "maintain and regain your hotness." As the name suggests, hitting menopause doesn't mean you have to surrender any of your sexiness. What we love most about Angie's channel is that it covers everything health and fitness and beauty.

She reviews countless products -- everything from drugstore foundations to anti-aging treatments to hot-flash remedies. And since aging is more than skin deep -- she also has fitness tutorials. The videos are detailed and easy to follow -- and if her body is testament to the efficacy of the workouts, we're signing up.

3. Beauty by Anne-Marie


Anne-Marie is a 40-plus vlogger who is openly obsessed with all things beauty. We like that her channel specifically addresses the issues we all face as we get older -- aging eyes, aging hands and lackluster skin. 

While her own look is natural and polished, she also isn't afraid to dabble with beauty trends like contouring and highlighting, sunless tanning and beauty oils. 

4. Look Fabulous Forever


"Age is no barrier to looking fabulous," is the philosophy of this channel for older women seeking to look their very best. If you want to go for a sophisticated, clean look, this is for you. If you're just a fledgling makeup artist, you'll find plenty of videos here covering the basics -- like how to apply blush or use concealer. The videos also tackle more age-specific issues including makeup ideas for the mother of the bride or groom.

5. Frugalistablog

Frugalistablog is a must-see for a seasoned makeup artist. There are product reviews galore for makeup junkies as well as tutorials on how to apply eye makeup for a night out. But we also love that a mix of both high-end and low-end makeup is featured, making the videos relatable for any number of people. Plus, Frugalistablog is in her 40s so the videos are relevant for the younger midlife woman. 

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