5 Meatless Wonders: Best Veggie Burgers In Denver

Being a vegetarian doesn't mean you don't occasionally want to sink your teeth into a juicy burger. But who wants to be served a frozen pre-made cardboard patty that can be bought for a quarter of the price at Costco's? No one. Here’s the downlow on the best veggie burgers in Denver – fresh and made onsite.

Park Burger: With the cooks in the center of the room moving fast and flipping faster, we can't tell you every ingredient that goes into this grain-based Veggie ParkBurger ($5.75), but we can tell you it's made before your eyes and will satisfy even a carnivore. Dress it up with guac, jalepeños, carmelized onions or a pile of mushrooms. 1890 S. Pearl St.; 720-242-9951

Root Down: Known for using natural and primarily local ingredients, Root Down’s tasty house-made veggie -- and vegan -- sliders ($9.50) excel on every level. Created with red and wild rice, mushrooms, garlic, tomatoes, onion, broccoli, sunflower seeds, green onion, thyme and panko, the collection of small burgers are served with herbed tomato jam, topped with a sprout salad, and accompanied by sweet potato fries with curry-lime dipping sauce. 1600 W. 33rd Ave.; 303.993.4200

Larkburger: When you see "eco-friendly" and "health-conscious" in the mission statement of a burger joint, you know their veggie burger is worth checking out. We present you with the Amy Burger ($6.25): an all-natural vegetarian roasted portabella gourmet patty with griddled onions. Bonus: They'll wrap it in lettuce upon request and also offer a gluten-free bun. 8000 E. Belleview Ave., Greenwood Village; 303-779-0093

Colt & Gray: This hip neighborhood eatery offers a lighter option to satisfy your veggie burger craving in its mini-tomato burger plate ($6). Three almond flour-based small cakes are sliced, filled with basil, tomato, goat cheese, olive oil and ground pepper, and served around a mound of fresh greens. 1553 Platte Street #120; 303-477-1447

H BurgerCO: H Burger boasts a chic menu (where veggie obviously wasn't an afterthought) at this sleek LoDo establishment. The scrumptious grilled Eden Burger ($8.95) is a blend of squash and beans, bound with egg, and layered with red peppers, sweet and sour bok choy and greens. 1555 Blake St., 720-524-4345

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