5 Mobile Apps To Help You Stick to Your New Year's Resolutions

New Year's resolutions get a bad rap. Year after year, we aim to reach goals set at the beginning of January only to follow the same old habits by March. Of course, there is nothing wrong with setting goals, but the only way that your dreams will become reality is by planning and following through.

Alongside a few supportive accountability partners, we all need a little push in the right direction. These five mobile apps are aimed to help you stick to your resolutions so you can become the exception to the stereotypical rule.

1. Focus on Personal Development -- Memento

If one of your resolutions is to become more in touch with your feelings and emotions, keeping a diary is one way to do this. Simplify the process by downloading Momento, an app that allows you to document your personal journey through written entries. It also tracks your social media updates, keeps photos, and allows you to keep a music log. Allow Momento to guide you through your journey of growth by documenting the processes in a mobile timeline.

#2 Take Control of Finances -- Mint

Wouldn't it be great -- for once -- to feel like you actually have control of your finances? Mint is a free mobile app available on iOS and Android focused on helping you budget. Think of Mint as your financial wing man: the app sends you emails with alerts and reminders to keep you on track. It can even sync with your bank account to help you specifically keep record of the personal ebb and flow of your finances.

#3 Reach Fitness Goals -- Fitocracy

Starting your fitness journey is always high on everyone's resolution list, but without the right guidance, you might find yourself switching from sweats to sweets in no time. Fitocracy takes a different approach by gamifying your fitness goals. This free iOS and Android App tracks your workouts just like all the others, but in return you earn points to level up. There are numerous challenges to choose from to keep you aimed at reaching your goals and sticking to your resolutions. If that's not enough, you can even challenge your fellow "fitfam" to exercise duels.

#4 Eat Healthier -- Epicurious

For some festive feasters this might be the hardest resolution of them all. People make poor meal plan and nutrition decisions because they aren't educated or aware of healthier options. Epicurious is an application that offers an array of recipes with dietary considerations in mind.

Got a can of tuna, celery and crackers in your cupboard? This app will help you find a way to prepare the healthiest possible meal. You can choose between different cuisines, and rate and review from your personal recipe box to further your nutritional education. Join the online community to share ideas and stay on track.

#5 Keep Challenging Yourself -- LifeTick

The best way to stick to your resolutions is to review them on a weekly or monthly basis and challenge yourself to add new goals to the list to keep yourself driven and passionate about making changes. Available on iOS and Android, LifeTick allows your to visualize your goals and progress. Completing your bucket list is just a download away!