5 Mobile Web Marketing Trends for Small Business Owners

5 Mobile Web Marketing Trends for Small Business Owners
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Mobile marketing is no longer an option, we no longer go online we live online, with the average user looking at their phone 150 times a day. So you need to be where the eyeballs are to grow your business. Mobile is quickly becoming the go-to channel for a variety of marketing strategies designed to reach customers. Here are 5 mobile web marketing trends to take notice of as you start developing your marketing strategies for the new year.

1. Mobile Ads

Mobile pay-per-click ads are an effective way to catch customers when they are specifically looking for something or somewhere to go. Beyond mobile video ads, there is also growing interest in trying to outsmart ad blocking software and Google shopping ads which are pay-per-click ads that allows you to show up in search results which allows you to bypass the blocking software. With over two-thirds of Facebook traffic being mobile, Facebook mobile ads can help you boost engagement, and with so many Facebook users there is far more available inventory and pricing options to target customers. Don’t forget about mobile ad options such banner ads, retargeting ads, and display ads within app content.

2. Mobile Video

By 2018, people will spend about 36 minutes watching videos on their mobile devices, and just 18.5 minutes on all other devices. So investing in mobile video content for your business could make a lot of sense. With different formats for mobile video ads, there are a variety of ways to engage with your audience, as well as get them to click to your website from the device that by their side all day. Remember to keep you content tight, produce videos :15 seconds to 2 minutes to gain traction.

3. Mobile SEO

We are no longer talking about having a responsive website. It’s a given that your website works well on a mobile device Give that in 2018, Google will rank search results based on the mobile friendliness understanding Mobile SEO is a good thing to maintain your online footprint. Mobile SEO is about building your core ranking, indexing and leveraging mobile keywords. Focus the following:

  • Focus on relevancy, usefulness and building authority
  • Download speed is critical
  • Create a mobile index
  • Do mobile keyword research and leverage content creation
  • Location specific long-tail keywords

4. Mobile Search

Your website might be optimized for desktop searches, but you’ll need to check with your SEO firm on whether it’s optimized for mobile searches, too. A whole lot of local searches happen on mobile devices with intent to buy, think “restaurants near me”…It’s imperative that your website content uses keywords to attract local customers. Consider long-tail keywords, that include local city name “St. Louis flower shop,” or “Orange county divorce lawyer.” People look for businesses with those keywords.

Don't forget voice searches either. People are using Siri, Amazon Echo and Google Home to search too “What’s the best place to get a cheesesteak in Philly?” You’ll need to rethink for copy on your website to use these search phrases to better reach your target audience on a mobile device.

5. Mobile Gamification

People play lots of games on mobile devices, so if you have an idea that might engage your audience, it could payoff big. Whether you want to boost use of your mobile apps, get people to redeem mobile coupons, or have users share your content on social media, mobile gamification can help.

People like games with rewards. Imagine a marketing campaign where you enter anyone who opens your app every day for two weeks into a drawing for a free trip to Disney for two people. Or giving a coupon to anyone who shares your content on Twitter. By requiring people to put forth effort, you can have a major impact on your mobile web marketing efforts.

Mobile marketing is becoming commonplace for brands who want to win. Investigate one or more of these mobile marketing trends and see how they could grow your customer base. Start by testing out one tactic at a time, and be sure to measure the effectiveness before moving on to something else. Mobile webs marketing is here, and you need to figure out how to make it work for your small business.

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