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5 Mom Confessions That Might Sound Horrifying (But I Totally Hope Other Moms Can Relate)

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1. Not Finishing The Entire Bottle Of Antibiotics

Okay, so this one feels really, really bad. The truth is that there was at least one time where my child did not finish the entire bottle of antibiotics when she was sick. It wasn't exactly intentional but it was definitely my fault.

I left the bottle in someone else's fridge and was so overwhelmed with housework and cleaning sickness off of everything that I never picked it up. At that point, my kid was already better and there was only one more day of medicine left in the bottle.

I was definitely worried something bad would happen or that my child might grow a second head because I know how important it is to finish the entire bottle of antibiotics according to the doctors.

Confession: I was too damn lazy to drive over and pick up the bottle. Total mom fail.

2. I Got Tired Of Cleaning Pee Off The Sheets, So I Used A Diaper

I'm sure someone reading this right now has dealt with or knows someone who has dealt with nighttime potty training.

Turns out, for my child, daytime potty training was a breeze compared to using the toilet in the middle of the night or holding in her bladder all night long.

When my child was 4 years old, I felt a societal pressure to get her off the nighttime pull-ups addiction.

I tried the whole getting up in the middle of the night to wake her up and make her pee thing. That didn't work. She kept peeing on herself for weeks. I was done. I decided she wasn't ready and I was dead tired.

So I put her back in pull-ups because I have enough laundry to do already.

Confession: I don't feel guilty about this one at all. I maintain that my child wasn't ready yet to stay dry all night and she is now actually starting to get up in the night and do it herself.

3. I Let My Child Wear The Same Pair Of Socks Two Days In A Row

Is this something other moms do too? Is it just me who has always felt I have to immediately throw worn socks in the laundry basket the minute they're taken off? Sometimes they're not even that dirty!

Well, one day I was very behind on laundry which is basically my story every day now so it's not really earth-shattering news.

So, I put yesterday's socks on my child before school.

Did I get struck down by lightening? Nope. Did my child suffer in any way or smell bad at school? Not that I know of.

Confession: I should do this more often.

4. I Let Junk Food Babysit My Child

This one may be a bit more familiar to some moms and perhaps a little less taboo.

Having a child that eats well is a big deal to me. And I do have a child that eats well. She loves most vegetables and has a pretty balanced diet. She's open to trying new foods which is a MASSIVELY big deal in parenting.

During an average day, I have things I want to do and I often get overwhelmed from being pulled in 10 different directions. So, sometimes I give my kid a ring pop or a bag of candy to keep her quiet while I do the things I want to do, like make customer calls for our business, write, or take a shower.

My child has been to the dentist and her teeth are healthy. I do feel bad about sometimes using candy as a distraction. But not that bad.

: If my child brushes her teeth every day and I get things done, I give myself a pass.

5. I Lie To Get Alone Time

"Mommy just has to go clean something upstairs, I'll be right back!"

This lie is my favorite. It usually means I'm upstairs for about half an hour checking my phone or finally shaving my legs. I might even put some makeup on if I'm feeling bold.

I lie all the time. And it's usually for selfish reasons to do something for me. If I say I'm leaving to do a specific chore upstairs, like laundry or cleaning something, I don't tend to get followed.

Eventually, I get found out and caught, but not before I can do something sinful like eat a snack or look at Instagram.

Confession: It's adult survival mode - what can I say?

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