5 must have items when traveling with your dog

It can be frustrating to travel with your dog if you aren't well prepared.

On a flight, there are some rules you must know ahead of time. And when you take a road trip, your dog will get stressed-out if you don’t arrange a comfortable place for them in your car. From traveling in airlines to cars to just trekking the streets, here is all you need to make a successful trip with your dog.

While on a journey, you might want to consider both your comfort and your Dogs support. A leash is what connects you and your dog while on the go. When traveling, you are not only monitoring your dog; you are also dragging language around. You want to clear at the airport counters, check in your language, and have a cup of coffee as you wait for your flight. A waist-clip and fixed-length leashes will give you ease to handle your dog as you move. A waist clip strap allows you to control your dog using your waist so that your hands are free to handle other things.

A fixed length leash enables you to maneuver your dog quickly to any direction and be able to pull it closer to you whenever you want.


If you’re traveling using a plane, you will need to carry a comfortable crate with you preferably a leather one. A crate gives your dog a secure place to stay while traveling. You also need to check with the airline to see if your crate meets the airline's pet guidelines or your pet might not get allowed aboard. Your pet must be two months old, weaned and vaccinated. The airline will ask you for proof of your Dog’s health. You must show them certificates and documentation. , in a new place strange to your dog, a crate helps keep your pet secure without having to run off in search of its usual home.

But if you will be strolling down the streets you might want to carry a pet bag so that you can carry your pet under your arm.

A towel

If you are not going on a long journey, it is wise not to feed your dog before traveling. Your dog can get a stomach upset, diarrhea and get dirty. In case your trip is long, feed your dog and be prepared for any mess by carrying a towel to bath or wipe it.


It is obvious that your dog will need food once you reach your destination. But the whole point in carrying food is so that when you fail to get the exact food brand your dog is used to, you have a fallback plan. Even though you may have traveled to party and will have a variety of foods to eat, it’s better to give your dog the foods it's used to so that it doesn't get stomach upsets while on your journey.


Just like you, your pet can get bored. Place some toys in your Dog’s crate so that your dog stays entertained.


To enjoy your journey with your pet, consider all the above points, else you might hate traveling with your dog without proper preparation. Don’t forget to bathe your pet with a nice pet deodorizer ahead of the journey.

You don’t want your dog to give off a bad odor around people.

A clean, fresh smelling dog looks brighter and is desirable.

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