5 Must-Have Mobile Apps to Improve Your Privacy and Security

Sometimes, we forget about security when it comes to our cell phones however, thieves, hackers, and other invaders don’t. Criminals would love to get their hands on your phone and the information you store in it. Therefore, you need to have some defense on hand with apps designed to help protect your phone, its data and even your home.

More and more Americans use their smartphones for emails, social media, and banking. Many fail to think about the fact that credit card payments and mobile check deposits could make their personal and financial information more vulnerable to fraud and theft. We tend to think that the devices we carry around with us every day are nothing more than a phone and a camera, but they are actually a complex mini-computer that collect all of your data just like your computer does.

1. Skycure

With the growing numbers of consumers who use their phones to connect to the Internet, your personal information is at risk from network attacks, especially when you access a public Wi-Fi network. Public Wi-Fi, according to security experts, can be broken into quite easily. If you connect at an airport, for example, hackers could copy the network in another location and gather your data.

Skycure helps combat these network attacks by performing tests on wireless networks to ensure there are no breaches. It is advanced enough to recognize malicious networks and it stores their information, as well, so it can stop them from harming other users who have the app.

2. Kryptos

If you’ve ever been worried about people intercepting and listening to your phone calls, or you are in a line of business which requires secure voice communications, you may want to check out Kryptos. Kryptos is a Voice Over IP (VOIP) app for your iPhone which is created to give military-grade AES-encrypted phone calls, as long as every party is using the application to make and receive calls. The app is free, but the service costs $10 per month, which is a bargain considering some of the other secure voice communications solutions available.

3. e-Chat

This is an innovative, global social platform that allows users to create and share personalized content to capture life’s moments and easily transfer cryptocurrency. e-Chat is a decentralized messenger that does not depend on servers and government decisions, giving you the maximum security and privacy for your data. While developers behind other chat applications could be pressured by government agencies to give access to your stored messages, but you do not have to worry about that with e-Chat.

With more and more mobile payments being made, e-Chat stands out for its support of major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Upon registering, users will have access to the app’s excellent features, like its classic messenger platform, finance capabilities, high quality content and data protection. You can make offline payments and transfer money to other users.

4. AppLock

Use AppLock to protect your personal data from being accessed by anyone else. You can use it to lock your contacts, texts, email, gallery, social media, settings, calls, and any other app you want to keep away from outsiders. This app is totally different from the built-in security features on your phone, by locking individually selected apps you want locked from prying eyes.

5. LastPass Password Manager Premium

Remembering all your passwords is a difficult task when you have several accounts for different websites. Luckily, to make the process much easier, there is a growing market of apps that offer you the ability to store all of the passwords with additional security.

LastPass is one such effective password manager for Android that has made life easier for millions of people all over the world. With the help of this app, you can safely store your login information, make profiles for online shopping, create strong storage for passwords, store your personal information and much more. You can easily and securely access your personal data from every mobile device and computer.

These are just a few examples of the many applications that are available to protect our privacy and personal information. It is smart to take the time to research several apps so that you are protected, rather than going on the belief that you are automatically safe.

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