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5 Must-Have Mommy Pieces for Early Fall

You'll likely find them working their way into your wardrobe more than once or twice a week until the sun shuts down completely and we officially call it winter.
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Now that my daughter's three back-to-school supply lists (yes, THREE!) have been purchased and items decorated, and my son has finally started his school a week later (why oh why do preschools do that to us by the way?), I now have time to redecorate the playroom, plunge the clogged toilet and dislodge the gummy bear vitamin that I chewed too quickly and accidently lodged up my throat this morning.

So I ask you, what else is there to unclog today?

For one, I'm having a "fashion clutter" moment that could use a good sorting.

This seems to happen when one season runs abut another, and even though I work in the fashion world and it all makes sense to me, I'm still like every other person where the seasons collide smack dab into each other and we find ourselves in-between clothes and in need of a little bit of this, and a little bit of that.

At the moment, my summer sundresses are having a mixer with a couple of long sleeved shirts on my top rack because last week it was 90 degrees, but this week we're in the 70s. Then, there was our cousin's wedding we attended in Southern California two weekends ago, so that dress is still in a coma in the dry cleaning pile. Then there are the swimsuits, which need to be stowed away before the bikinis get wind that the pool is officially closed and they fall into seasonal affective disorder.

So fashion clutter. These are the days when you spontaneously go to the park with the kids and get screwed. You are either kicking yourself for under dressing in a T-shirt and shorts and forgetting to throw a sweater atop your purse (the kids are fine of course as they are topping 40 miles per hour down the slides), or you are sweating to death for having over-anticipated the non-existent chill in your wool sweater.

But because it is still warm and sometimes hot, and sometimes chilly but sometimes not, it can be frustrating to totally switch a closet and discover that a piece you need is already tucked away.

So here are five little key pieces to unclog the transitional clutter of your closet (and in some cases, keep in your car!). You'll likely find them working their way into your wardrobe more than once or twice a week until the sun shuts down completely and we officially call it winter.

  1. Light Puffer Jacket. This is not a coat: it can just go to your waist. It doesn't have to be real down. Just a light puffer made of down or a synthetic insulator that will ward the chill out if zipped up, but still light enough to tie around the waist if you heat up during a walk.

  • Open-Toed Ankle Boots. Whereas it might be too hot on some days to be wearing a full-length boot (I actually feel a little sweaty just writing that), wearing an ankle boot still gives you the chic boot look, and the open toe more breathing room. Also, as it begins to rain and snow this style is not so much an option for practical reasons, so give it a go for this drier (for most climates), in-between season.
  • Cotton Scarves. Light woven scarves in gorgeous patterns can add fresh zest and life to any carpool outfit. And rather than bring out the heavy wool, knitted or cashmere varieties (if you are fortunate enough to own the latter, I have one hand-me-down from grandma), now is the time to really celebrate lighter scarves. Plus they are great for keeping your neck warm if you choose not to wear a jacket.
  • Long Knitted Cardigan. This is the long, droopy version of its buttoned-up twin-set cousin. The one that covers your butt and wraps around you and feels like a comfortable blanket. When you wear the long cardi, pair with a slim fit jean or like slim pant below to counterbalance volume. Just a note: do not hang this in your closet but rather fold it in a drawer or you will end up with hanger shoulders as the weight of the sweater pulls down, which also causes the sweater to disfigure and over stretch.
  • Track Pants. The track pant is having a moment and when tailored and sleek it looks quite adorable (think of it as the dressier big sister to the sweat pant). Plus they are lighter than jeans and cords but still a pant. Look for a nice long stripe against a dark fabric for an even further slimming effect. It's a sporty look that'll keep you warm, and the best part is...the "mommy track" will keep you busy enough to sweat in them without even trying.