5 New Indie Games of 2016 That You Can't Afford to Miss


We all love to play games like Fallout 4, Uncharted and The Division. However, let's face it. Taking on high-end games like these one after another can be quite a challenge. Therefore, sometimes you may find yourself craving for something simpler, something to lighten the mood. And what better way to lighten the mood than delving into the unending list of simplified, low-end indie games that don't pressurize your senses but keep you entertained just the same? Since the list of indie games released each year can be quite long, here are the 5 most intriguing indie games out this year that you must check out:

Don't Starve Together
A standalone expansion to the hit survival indie masterpiece that is Don't Starve, this game takes things to a whole new level by bringing the multiplayer concept to the game. There are new characters to play as, new areas to explore and new monsters to pick a fight with. The art style is awesome, and indie survival gameplay couldn't have been any better.

No Man's Sky
A classic science fiction game with an entire galaxy to explore, No Man's Sky isn't just open-world but open-universe. With an almost infinite number of planets, each randomly generated for uniqueness and perfection, this is the kind of game for people who love to explore. There are no irritating load screens, and the possibilities in this game are infinite.

Ori and The Blind Forest
An adventure game from Indie developer Metroidvania Ori and The Blind Forest won the BAFTA awards for artistic achievement. In a world of pure hand-drawn artistic wonder, you play a heroic young orphan battling against fate to save his home. Everything from the storyline to the visuals is purely grasping, and if you want a low-budget indie game that will totally flabbergast you, this is it.


A 4X grand-strategy game from Paradox Development Studios, Stellaris is already shaking the internet, with forums and websites abuzz with cheats, walkthroughs and rather useful trainers. While not as massive or exploration-focused as No Man's Sky, there is still an entire galaxy to explore, and much more to do than just travelling planet to planet. If you are intrigued by the idea of wreaking havoc throughout the cosmos, be sure to check this one out.

The Witness

A 3D puzzle game with luring graphics and a rather perplexing mystery to solve, The Witness is a game sure to interest anybody who is a fan of pieces such as Everbody's Gone to the Rapture and Firewatch. There are immense puzzles to solve, a story to unravel and clues to find to make your way back home as you find yourself marooned on an island, without a single memory of who you are. I'd really recommend this one if you like mysteries and detection work.

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