5 Of The Best Beauty Tutorials For Mature Women

Navigating the world of hair, beauty and fashion can be challenging as we get older. 

Luckily, there are other women our there who understand that mature women have unique needs when it comes to beauty and style. 

Beauty giant, L'Oreal, for one, has released a video series dubbed "Wow-To," standing for "Wiser Older Women," including a tutorial on how to dye your own hair at home, revamp your wardrobe and apply makeup on mature skin.

The videos feature Tessa and Carol, who are in their 40s and 50s. "A lot of women in their 50s feel they're invisible," Carol says. "If coloring your hair makes you feel good, go for it!" 


Makeup artist Lisa Eldridge also has some wonderful videos on how to apply makeup for mature women. Eldridge, 40, has been painting celebrity faces for around 20 years, on the runway, red carpet and in magazines. 

One of her most helpful tutorials features an evening-look that will work for older women, especially those who fear looking garish. Eldridge offers tips for glowing skin and avoiding overly heavy products, covering imperfections and even makeup for menopausal women.

Her tutorial shares how to apply products that won't melt off during a hot flash and how to deal with oily skin thanks to hormonal changes.  

Middle-aged women often have had the same look for far too long (and it's no longer flattering) or just have been too busy looking after others to focus on themselves. Well, ladies. The time is now. 

You can find more anti-aging beauty tips here. 

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