5 Of the Best Workout Ideas for Busy Individuals

There are a lot of busy people out there who might think they do not have the time to work out. That is actually not true because there are plenty of workouts available for busy people, including those who are in an office or a mom who is on the go. Just because you are very busy it does not mean you can skimp on working out. When it comes to taking time to work out, both your physical and mental health depends on it. If you are busy then continue reading because here are 5 of the best workout ideas for you.

Try Nighttime Workouts

If you are really a busy individual, then you might want to think about a small nighttime workout. This could be something very simple such as some work with dumbbells or exercise bands, if you are too tired for the treadmill. If you think that working out at night will keep you awake, then you can try yoga or meditation to calm your mind. You do not have to work out very hard for very long either, even just 20 minutes at night can substantially help keep you healthy. Studies have shown that even 30 minutes of cardio three times a week can add up to six years to your life.

Stick with Things You Like

When it comes to working out, everyone has something they really love to do and something they hate to do. If you are already incredibly busy, you might put off working out because you get your mind in the state of you hate doing the running or the weights. Instead of dreading working out, make your workouts something you really enjoy doing. This could be dance workouts or yoga, and even things such as running or the treadmill. If you are really busy then making the workout something you look forward to will get you more motivated to do it.

Do Body Weight Only Workouts

While it might seem to be boring, doing body weight only workouts are great if you are a very busy individual. This is because body weight only workouts only require your body, which means you can work out anywhere you want in as little as 10 minutes. Examples of body weight workout ideas include prisoner squats and reverse crunches. You can do push-ups as well and also simple leg exercises, like jumping jacks, to keep your muscles strong and flexible. Body weight workouts might seem hard at first, but the more you do them, the better you will get at doing them quickly.

Perform Chair Dips

Chair dips are one of the easiest exercises you can do if you are a really busy person. The best part is that chair dips can be done anywhere there is a chair. You can even add resistance to the chair dips or reverse your direction for an even more intense quick workout. You can do chair dips during your lunch break at work, during a slow time, and even just for a few minutes while you wait for the next project to begin. No matter how busy you are, you have a few minutes several times a day to devote to chair dips even if it makes you look funny to your co-workers.

Do Micro Workouts Daily

Micro workouts are easily done several times throughout the day, and could be most effective for busy people. Micro workouts include simple workout routines that you can do in small sets up to 10 times a day if you want. You can choose to do 15 push-ups or sit-ups during each break you have at work. You also could make micro workouts things like running in place for 5 minutes after a couple hours of working. If you are going to grab lunch, then maybe take the long way around the office so you can get in a few minutes of a micro workout.


These are just some of the best workout ideas if you are an incredibly busy individual. The best part about these workouts is that you can do them often times in small sections throughout the day. If you find that you are not progressing doing one workout or idea, then switch to something else until you find what works for you. You might find yourself being more willing to work out with the smaller sets of exercises as opposed to a long hour workout every other day. Even just working out mildly will do a lot to improve your mood, boost your immune system, and make you a more productive person overall.

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