5 Of The Coldest Places On Earth

These five places around the world are way colder than wherever you are right now.
03/09/2015 07:53am ET | Updated December 6, 2017
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The good news: We made it to March! The bad news: It's still cold. The silver lining: These five places around the world are way colder than wherever you are right now.

Nuuk, Greenland
The adorably colorful capital city of Greenland might not make it out of the single digits this week.


Yakutsk, Russia
The quarter million inhabitants of this Russian city, located a stone's throw from the Arctic Circle, will be lucky if they hit -10°F today.


Eureka, Canada
At this small research base in the northern Canadian territory of Nunavut, the high today will be a not-at-all-balmy -45°F.


Halley Station, Antarctica
This research stations sits under the weight of nearly 4 feet of snow all winter, and 105 days of every year are spent in total isolation thanks to 24-hour darkness, surrounding sea ice and impossible flying conditions.


Oymyakon, Russia
Officially the coldest city in the world, this Russian outpost will see a low of -53°F tomorrow night. What else is there to say but brrrrr?


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