5 Outdoor Living Ideas for Spring and Summer

Forget those inexpensive lawn chairs of the past with scratchy nylon seat cushions -- today's outdoor living is just as comfortable and livable as what's happening indoors.
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Outdoor Living Ideas From Lamps Plus

Despite what the weather may look like today, spring is coming! Outdoor living is something that I truly adore, and I spend as much time outdoors as possible when the weather allows. Much to my delight, outdoor furniture, décor and lighting has greatly improved in recent years. Forget those inexpensive lawn chairs of the past with scratchy nylon seat cushions -- today's outdoor living is just as comfortable and livable as what's happening indoors.

Here are my top 5 outdoor living ideas, just in time for spring and summer:

Colorful Outdoor Living Ideas

Nature Is Colorful -- Décor Should Be Too!

Flowers, trees, and grasses are all bursting with color; and yet, outdoor decorating is often done in a more neutral color palette with rustic and natural materials. While decorating with neutrals is rustic and charming, I say, spice up those neutrals with color! For example, a wooden Adirondack-style chair has a completely contemporary look in a red finish, and it brings a lively energy to your backyard.


Soften Up

A great way to add color is to introduce area rugs, seat cushions, and accent pillows to your outdoor space. Outdoor area rugs add softness underfoot and create a defined living space on your deck or patio, while accent pillows make outdoor seating more comfortable and inviting.

Outdoor Fountains

Add a Fountain for Ambiance

There's nothing more peaceful and relaxing than the sound of flowing water from a fountain. With options ranging from large freestanding garden fountains to small tabletop models, there truly is an outdoor fountain for every space.

Contemporary Outdoor Lighting

Use Lighting to Set the Mood

Lighting is an often overlooked element of outdoor décor, but it's one that I can't do without! The right outdoor lighting will provide beautiful ambiance, and it's also essential for safety when the sun goes down. Light up your walls with wall-mounted sconces and fixtures; illuminate your garden with solar-powered LED landscape light kits, brighten your driveway with a pair of tall post lights, and don't forget candles and lanterns for the tabletop.

For more outdoor lighting ideas, take a look at these four key outdoor lighting elements that I implement at home:

Don't Forget the Finishing Touches. Just as in a room, it's the little things that really give an outdoor space personality and make it 'pop'. A casual stack of river rocks, a weathered stone sculpture, or a cluster of pillar candles on the table brings the inside out and really makes outdoor living truly livable.

Outdoor Sculptures for Ambiance

These are just a few of my favorite outdoor living ideas. With the weather warming up, it's time to get decorating outside!

Images from Lamps Plus.

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