5 Paintings, 5 Studio Shots, 5 Strong Individuals

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What makes a painting interesting? One answer seems to be that it was painted by a strong individual. I like the notion that some people come to "know their own mind," but painters have to know both their mind and their heart and get them to work together.

The five artists included in this slideshow are strong individuals. In each artist's work I see an artist searching to find something, and doing it in a personal way that strikes me as having integrity. Have a look yourself, and leave some comments to let the artists know what you see in their work. Each of the artists has also provided a studio shot so you can have a glimpse into their working world and their methods.

I also want to mention that one of the artists included here, Katrina Kampmann is based in Berlin, but is currently having an exhibition in Beverly Hills at Garboushian Gallery. You will see a link you can follow along with her work if you want to learn more.

Jason de Graaf: "You Can Only Own a Piece of It"

5 Paintings, 5 Studio Shots, 5 Strong Individuals

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