Artworks Disappear Overnight As 5 Pointz Graffiti Haven Is Painted White

Despite the efforts of many to save Long Island City's 5 Pointz from demolition, the renowned graffiti haven has finally met its end. The massive warehouse that served as Queen's biggest street art canvas was whitewashed overnight, erasing nearly 30 years of New York art history.

The paint job occurred only days after supporters flocked to the LIC location to pledge support for 5 Pointz, and only a week after 5 Pointz curator Jonathan Cohen, aka Meres One, failed to get a court injunction against the destruction of the building. A judge ruled that developers Jerry and David Wolkoff, owners of the 5 Pointz warehouse, could go forward with their plans to transform the building into high-end condos.

Why the warehouse had to painted white before demolition, we don't know. The act took place last night with police protection, and has since sparked more than a few people to take to the Twitterverse to express their grief. Check out some of the responses to the 5 Pointz whitewashing below and let us know your thoughts on the impending demolition in the comments. For more on the legacy of 5 Pointz, read a tribute by the experts at Brooklyn Street Art here.

UPDATE: According to Vanishing New York, the whitewashing was likely an attempt to prevent a last-minute landmarking initiative launched by 5 Pointz artists last week, one that aimed to stop the building's demolition.