5 Powerful Steps to Turning Your Life Around

When you accept the circumstances of your life and when you accept that there is a reason for them, you end much of the output of mental resistance. This is what allows you to begin to finally have the power to change the circumstance.
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There is a reason for everything. Once you start to explore the reason or the meaning for the things that are happening in your life you begin to see more and more of the purpose for it right here and right now. It is within the understanding of the "whys" of life that you begin to embrace more of your creative power. Resistance is futile. When you resist what is happening you actually give it life. A force that has no counterforce cannot remain a force. In other words, when you accept the circumstances of your life and when you accept that there is a reason for them, you end much of the output of mental resistance. This is what allows you to begin to finally have the power to change the circumstance. Therefore the very first step is:

1.Accept "what is"
This does not mean you condone what has been happening or you want it for tomorrow, rather only that you are finally ready to acknowledge it fully and end any of the denial.

With acceptance you can now ask the most vital question in regards to your life, "Who do I now choose to be?" The old way of looking at your self will produce similar results. You must see new possibility for who you are through a greater appreciation for who you are! Your experience of life will not change until you change. You are worth so much more. Self-inquiry or self-awareness is the path to this new vision and truth about your real worth.

2.Define yourself anew
A new definition of who you are brings new possibilities and a new vision of what you deserve and want for your life. Once you can see these new possibilities you can decide what you now want to experience. This is a clear concise vision of what you desire to create for yourself that is markedly different from what you have been experiencing. You must see and believe in a completely new you so that life can harmonize with this vision.

3.Set new clear intentions
Write down what you want. Imagine it in your head without restriction. Focus on the experiences that will fulfill you in the greatest way. Once you have a vision of what you do want you must begin to create it. There is always a first step. Often this can feel like going to the gym that very first day you decide to finally work out. It should feel a bit uncomfortable because you are stretching yourself into new behavior and hence a new identity. Begin collecting all the information on how you are going to accomplish your intention and be open to the truth of what you will need to do everyday to create things differently.

4.Demonstrate a new will
You must demonstrate the will to experience a new life through NEW ACTIONS. You must be willing to get in that uncomfortable space to create change and build the new conditions that lead you to a new life. You must be committed to a new experience of who you are. If the old habits or thoughts pull on your mind as you move forward, you must show the fortitude to move past this test in a different way with completely different choices.

5.Express patience and faith
In many colleges and universities there is one class along the pursuit of a certain major that ends up being the "weeder class". This is the class that separates or tests those trying to skate by from those serious about the pursuit of their degree. Step 5 is that test for you. Life has an elegant way of determining who believes in them self and who doesn't. Life can only match you in what you believe to be true both in thought and action. You have to do this without a guarantee of the results! This is a huge key in the process.

Remember your current circumstance did not manifest overnight. There are years of thoughts feelings and actions behind what has been in place in your life, so be patient as you work to turn it all around. However, just like the universe served you in some way based on previous fears, doubts and negative thoughts, it will now serve you from a new mindset of belief, faith love and appreciation. The key is to stay persistent in your will for the change while working to pass the tests of patience and faith.

Life is so simple in one way and yet can seem so hard and terrifying in another. The question to ask your self is, "What mindset serves me best?" Energy creates matter. Therefore your energy and the way you shape it when putting it out in your world is what is feeding the circumstances. This is so powerful and exciting to know because it offers you that life is directly responding to your energy in so many ways every single day. To become conscious of this and begin to change it is the path to true mastery.

Howard Falco ( HowardFalco.com ) is an international author, speaker, mental game coach and modern day spiritual teacher specializing in the power of the mind as it relates to the creation of the experience of life. His books on human understanding and potential are titled, I AM: The Power of Discovering Who You Really Are, and Time in a Bottle: Mastering the Experience of Life (Tarcher/Penguin Group). Known for his powerfully clear and relatable style, Howard presents the wisdom regarding how to harness more of the creative power of the mind to accomplish any desire or overcome any challenge you face in life, allowing you to achieve a greater sense of peace, understanding and fulfillment in the process. You can find him on Facebook at facebook.com/HowardFalco.IAM or Twitter @Howard Falco

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