5 Productivity Tips to Reduce the Number of Hours Worked Daily

Being productive allows us to do more, faster and in less time. When you master productivity, it allows you to drastically reduce the number of hours you work daily. Many entrepreneurs brag about working long 18-hour days, and while it sounds impressive, the majority are wasting a lot of time throughout the day. If productivity were to improve, they would accomplish the same tasks in a much shorter amount of time.

Learn how to reduce the number of hours you work per day by implementing these five simple productivity tips. This can help you achieve a much healthier work-life balance.

Have a daily to-do list.

End every day by putting together your to-do list for the following day, and start every day by attacking your to-do list, line-by-line.

When you start each day knowing exactly what needs to be accomplished, it eliminates wasted time. This approach allows you to start crossing off tasks immediately from the list, giving you a sense of accomplishment. This momentum can be carried straight through to the end of each day.

Ending each day by writing out tomorrow's to-do list is beneficial because you are doing it while everything is still fresh on your mind. If you go home and try to do it in the evening or first thing the next day you might forget some important tasks.

Attack your email inbox three times daily.

We get emails non-stop throughout the day and night. If you check your inbox every time you receive a notification you will spend your entire day doing emails. Set three times to check your emails -- once in the morning, again in the afternoon and then a final time before you end your day.

This helps to keep you available for your other duties, yet still ensures that important emails are handled as quickly as possible. If you have an assistant, you can even have them screen your inbox and let you know if there is something that absolutely can't wait.

Switch your phone to airplane mode.

Text messages combined with Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram notifications can turn your phone into a massive distraction. When you need to be focused on work, and nothing else but the task at hand, switch your phone into airplane mode.

Turning it to silent won't do the trick -- it will continue to vibrate all over your desk and curiosity will eventually get the best of you, causing you to take a break to check your phone.

Our mobile phones are great tools, and can help us be more productive, but they can also be one of our biggest distractions. Don't let social media and text massages be a productivity-suck.

Work remotely when possible.

With today's available technology and software applications, it makes it possible to run a business from anywhere in the world. If you have a long commute to the office, consider setting up a home office and joining some co-working spaces.

Entrepreneurs that can shave off an hour work commute each way instantly gain ten hours that can be applied to productive tasks rather than sitting in traffic. Working from co-working spaces close to your home not only reduces your commute, but the time spent there can help to spark creativity. I highly recommend spending at least one day a week in a co-working environment if possible.

Establish a daily end time and stick to it.

Most business owners and entrepreneurs will work until they reach physical exhaustion, and that ruins productivity. It's important that you establish a daily cut-off time and stick to it, no matter what arises. There are always going to be tasks and issues that need to be addressed -- that comes with the territory.

When you know, undoubtedly, that your work day ends at a specific time you will begin to manage your day better to ensure you get specific tasks handled before it's time to leave. This will also help to create a healthier work-life balance. Trust me, your family will completely support this tip.

Jonathan Long is the Founder of Market Domination Media®, an online marketing consulting agency, blerrp™, a social media influencer agency and Sexy Smile Kit™, a consumer teeth whitening brand.