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5 Proven Ways to Be More Productive Each Day

How many times have you gotten home from work and said to yourself, "I'll just watch one episode."
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After writing "Big Game Hunting: Networking with Billionaires, Executives and Celebrities," my requests to speak at conferences and events have increased exponentially. I am blessed to be able to travel the world as an international speaker and teach entrepreneurs how to build their brands and scale their businesses, one client at a time. One of the most common questions I get asked is, "Chris how do you get so much done? I want to be more productive."

Here's my response:

1. Stop Watching TV
I don't have a TV and I stopped consistently watching shows for almost 10 years now. Every single dream you have ever wanted to accomplished is so much more realistic if you just stop watching (or watch less) TV. Television destroys more dreams each day than any nuclear bomb ever will.

How many times have you gotten home from work and said to yourself, "I'll just watch one episode." Then three hours later it's time for bed and you got nothing done except entertaining yourself. Well multiple that three hours x seven days which is 21 hours each week. Now multiple 21 hours x 52 weeks and now each year, you've spent more than 1,000 hours. Multiple that number by 10 years, and that's 10,000 hours. How many of us could have used that time to do the things we say we have always dreamed about like: travel more, write a book, start a business, learn a new instrument, or learn a new language.

Instead, replace entertaining programs with educational programs. Learn to earn. Learn to grow. Learn to inspire. I love watching Gary Vaynerchuk YouTube videos regarding social media, Grant Cardone for sales advice, or my own channel where I interview a parade of inspiring professionals and share speaking clips.

2. Plan Your Next Day at the End of Your Work Day
Back in my mid-20s, I used to work for SCORE, a Kaplan-owned test-prep company. As a student advisor, I found it extremely helpful that every single adviser was required to pre-plan three lessons at the end of each student lessons. So regardless of which student I was assigned to, I always knew that I would have three pre-planned lessons ready to teach.

I've kept that lesson in my current business. At the end of my work day, I spend 30-minutes planning out the three things I most want to get done the next day. You'll be amazed at how much more you can get done.

3. Turn Off Your Phone More
An Android app company called Locklet after surveying over 150,000 users found that the average smart phone user checks their phone 150 times during the day but the high frequency user checks it 900 times per day. You read that right, 900 times per day. We are now living in the instantly distracted generation where anyone can pick up their smartphones and swim in an ocean of articles, videos, tweets, and photos.

Here's a few tips:
1. Check your phone less than five times per hour
2. Minimize or stop replying to personal texts during work
3. Always turn off your ringer/light notifications when you sleep
4. Wait an hour in the morning before checking your phone
5. Use the phone to actually talk more as opposed to just texting

4. Find Better Friends
It always amazes me how many of us spend time with people we don't like. We can't divorce our families but no one said we are married to our friends. I have a very simple test when I meet new people. If I spend time with someone new, if that person helps me become a more intelligent, thoughtful, considerate [fill in whatever positive quality you want to develop here] then I spend more time with them. If they whine, complain, or are constantly cynical or pessimistic, I might comment on their negativity once, but if they continue their behavior that will be the last time I talk to them. We all have challenges to face and problems to overcome but whining about them is unnecessary. Want to be more productive? Find more productive friends.

5. Forgot FOMO. Instead FOWMM
Most of us have heard of the phrase "FOMO" which stands for Fear Of Missing Out. Why would we focus on fear in the first place? I prefer to FOWMM which stands for Focus On What Matters Most. Do you want 2.6 million reasons why you should focus on what matters most? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Protection, that's the number of deaths in the United States during 2013. How many of those people would have wanted another day to live, breathe, dream, and love? You are breathing right now as you are read this article but my question is: Are you really living?

Pick one goal and take one bold step.
FOWMM each day.
Christopher Kai is an entrepreneur, international speaker, and bestselling author who has given over 1,000 presentations to a global audience from 30 countries. He has shared his unique leadership strategies with 1,000s of entrepreneurs to help them build their businesses one client at a time. He just published his third book, "Big Game Hunting: Networking with Billionaires, Executives and Celebrities" and Inc. magazine has referred to him as "the billionaire networker."

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