5 Proven Ways To Stop Entrepreneurial Burnout

We’ve all had symptoms of burnout at some point in our lives whether it’s been an unusual headache, intense tiredness, cranky outbursts or brain fogginess.

Let’s not forget the occasions we have backed up after a big night out and rocked on with a hangover.

With the load of leading a business there comes a time to recognize and self check our own performance and behaviors, especially when stresses and fatigue takeover. 

Consultant and Coach Sylvana Rochet, Founder of The Insightful Executive shares ‘Because of the insidious nature of burnout, we can miss the early warning signs. Usually, by the time we have thoughts of ‘I’m feeling overwhelmed’ or ‘this is getting out of hand’, we are already at risk of burning out.

Our mind takes longer to register what’s going on than our physical body, which is much more attuned to the first symptoms.’ 

While the idea of curling up on the lounge is a brilliant one when experiencing physical burn, as a leader or entrepreneur our attitude is usually to march on.

If you find yourself close to burnout and still have projects along with clients to attend to, how can you begin to improve your state?

Forget The Latte

Improve your mood and brain functionality by drinking more water. While it can be easy to grab a shot of coffee or a bottle of coke, studies have showed by drinking fluids, in particular water, that it can reduce the length of headaches and its severity.

Soak Up Fresh Energy

Go outside and smell the sun, there is a good reason for it. If you need to perk up as you are starting to feel grouchy, research shows that stepping out for fresh air helps increase positive energy in 90% of people.


Music helps with productivity and lightens the overwhelm we may be feeling.

I’m not talking about any kind of music like getting down with Drake or listening to a song that pulls your heart strings.

Tap into playlists like Focus@will. They align the experience to enable your brain to feel less stress while you get more work done. 

Power Sleep

If you haven’t discovered The Sleep Revolution by Arianna Huffington, it sounds the alarm on our worldwide sleep crisis and provides a detailed road map that can help transform lives.

We all know that sleep is a fundamental human need and helps to perform greater, make smarter decisions and maintain a happier frame of mind. 

What happens when we don’t get a full nights sleep with the pressures of hitting deadlines? 

If you find yourself struggling, a power nap of 20 to 30 minutes can improve your performance without the groggy wake up feeling.

While it won’t beat a good nights rest, it certainly helps. 

Meaningful Mini Projects

When you are feeling overwhelmed with a huge amount of work ahead, focus on 3 to 5 items at most each day and execute them meaningfully. 

Where possible delegate workload to your team or hire help, switch off any means of communication and set focus with some brain food tunes. 

There is no denying that as leaders we like to push boundaries to hit new personal bests. Remember you are in it for the long game so look after ‘you’.

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