5 Questions for Rockstar Health Coach, Whitney Scott

Meet Whitney Scott, badass health coach, fitness guru, and gal pal to many rock stars. After graduating from Institute of Integrative Nutrition, she started her health coaching business working with touring bands (so cool!). I sat down with her to find out everything!

Q. How did you get started? I started over a decade ago, taking care of friends and boyfriends by making sure they slept and ate a vegetable, or something quasi-healthy when I would visit them on tour, or when they were coming through the city I lived in. When everyone came back home sick from touring, I'd help them get better (because EVERYONE was usually sick.) I also somehow turned into a sort of therapist when my friends would be driving all night, stuck in a van, they’d call me because I was usually up too, and we’d just talk about what was good and exciting, or what was bumming them out about that lifestyle, even though they loved it and wanted to keep going. So when I graduated from nutrition school I asked myself who i wanted to work with and where, and I immediately knew it was with rock bands either on tour, or prepping for tour, or even during writing/recording session when they are in a studio.

Q. Who is your dream client? My dream clients are people who are ready to be healthy, not just nutritionally, but also emotionally, mentally, creatively. I'm good at getting people hyped on the process & benefits of putting in the work. My temperament is pretty chill, but I like energetic, funny, creative people. Working with Steve Aoki would be a dream come true, but really, I'm drawn to passionate people that are just as intense about what they love as I am.  

Q. What's your favorite band? Queens of the Stone Age forever, but I'm having a serious moment of nostalgia with Blink-182 right now. Also, Lauryn Hill!!

Q. What advice do you have for touring rock bands on how to eat well while traveling? HYDRATION AND SLEEP are key. Try to limit excess alcohol intake (that's usually the suggestion that makes people groan.) Try to find places to eat that serve organic, whole foods. Stock up at grocery stores every few days instead of eating out. Hire a team of professionals to keep it up!

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