5 Questions to Ask When Booking a Barn Wedding Venue

If you have your heart set on booking a barn wedding location you really need to do your homework and make sure you ask the venue some important questions before you say "I do" to the location.
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Barn weddings are so popular right now that everywhere you look there is another barn wedding venue popping up for rental. If you have your heart set on booking a barn wedding location you really need to do your homework and make sure you ask the venue some important questions before you say "I do" to the location.

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1. Is There A Contract To Sign?
A contract is actually a good thing when it comes to booking a wedding venue. A contract protects both you and the event space against something happening and making your day less than you hoped for. As the couple renting the space and putting a considerable amount of money on the line this contract will ensure that the space is yours on the day you want it and spells out exactly what you can and can not do with the space. By having a signed copy of your contract you will be able to rest easy knowing you have a legal document to back you up if something should go wrong.


2. Does Our Wedding Need To End At A Specific Time?
Make sure you ask about what time the venue wants or needs you to end your wedding. The last thing you want is to be having a grand time with your guests and then have someone tell you it is time to clear out. Get the venue to tell you what time they need your event to end and have it written into your wedding contract. If the venue has no specific time assigned for events to end make sure that is added to the contract as well.

3. How Many Legal Parking Spots Do You Have?
Lets face it when you invite 200 people to a wedding you need make sure there is room for everyone to park. Many barn wedding venues come with just an open space for parking which might mean that you need to hire someone to assist in the parking so that all your guests will fit at the location and so they can leave without being blocked in. Many venues offer parking assistance but some do not so make sure you ask about who you might hire for this task.


4. Does The Town Have A Noise Ordinance?
Many barn wedding venues are located in more rural spots but sometimes they are located in more neighborhood types of locations making it the perfect opportunity for complaints. Recently I have read several articles about how barn weddings are fun yet can create a conflict with neighbors. You may need to do a little research and find out if the town has a noise ordinance for the location where your wedding will be. This does not always mean your wedding will need to stop, it just might mean that your band or DJ will have turn down the music or off at a specific time. Calling the local town offices can often get you all the answers you need.

5. Are Heat And Air Conditioning Available?
Nothing is worse than either being too cold or too hot at an event. No matter what season you are hosting your barn wedding in you might need to take a few extra moments to make sure your venue comes with both heat and air conditioning. You might think hosting your wedding in the fall means you will not have to use the air however when you pack 200 people in one space things can heat up quickly. Go one step further and ask for the venue to turn both the AC and the heat on while you are there so that you can have proof they both work, no one wants a surprise on their wedding day!

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