5 Questions To Ask Yourself Now About Legacy

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Legacy is such a major part of our individual evolution. Most of us think of legacy as the thing we leave behind…something we gift to others once we are gone.

What if you could make a decision about your own legacy right now?

Would you do things differently?

One of the cornerstones of transformation is our ability to view legacy in the moment. Legacy is a power tool for change. If we shift our focus and definition of legacy away from future events and embrace it TODAY, we have some serious choices to make in regard to what we want to accomplish, and where we are mindfully taking action toward that definition. Legacy is not just a story at the end of our lives it is the journey throughout them, and the growth in our everyday. What are you creating? What do you want your legacy to be?

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Now:

1. What haven’t I done yet? Let’s face it we roll today into tomorrow all the time. Owning your own legacy involves saying yes to the action steps toward it. There is no expiration date! Starting is starting. Start!

2. What toolbox do I bring to the table? Waiting to have all the right and perfect pieces together to begin? Don’t! Begin with all the magical and lovely assets, and knowledge, and history that you already possess. Begin from wherever you are. Legacy is an evolution and a marriage between where you have been and where you are going…which by default puts you in the every day of today!

3. Where am I creative and curious? You don’t have to be a master artist or a novelist to carve out a picture or a story of what you most desire. You do have to be able to think outside the box long enough to play with the possibilities of embracing what is next in your life. How great we all are at recycling that which we are familiar with! Next to the bins marked paper, plastic, and glass…create a new bin that says new and untried. Then try something from that “other and unknown” place! Lean into those activities and explore the results.

4. What is my gut telling me to do? A priceless coaching question leading you right to the front door of your own intuition. Where are you able to trust in yourself and to make decisions that mirror that trust? Take yourself seriously.

5. What are my defining moments? In the timeline of our lives we think that we remember it all. We do not. What stands apart and jumps out are moments. Life cycle events, aha realizations, small wins, love, and our own bridges between them all. We have a choice in defining those moments and in being aware and present in them.

Tip To Try Now:

Take your answers from the questions above and write them down. Now write or illustrate a story that takes your answers forward in time to your 7th or 8th decade of life. What do you need to manifest today to navigate your way toward the legacy you most want to define you? Begin. Write in pencil. Remember that as the author of your story you are in charge of edits and rewrites. What’s next?

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