5 Quick Tips I Learned for Business Authors to Easily Format Kindle eBooks for Amazon

Recently, I've been working on several fiction and non-fiction writing projects. As a business author, my goal is to get the ideas into a document, and not to struggle with the tedious formatting details. But I found that if I use a formatting service, I'd need to pay for even the most minor edits or updates to my books after it's launched. And that can eat right into any potential royalties I may have been expecting to earn.

So to get a better handle on easier formatting for Amazon Kindle, I picked up a few books written by Rosa Suen, sharing her Kindle publishing secrets with her students. Rosa has actually written hundreds of books, and thus, has had a lot of experiences in Kindle publishing. While many people can write Kindle books, many do not know how to tap into the power of writing books that become bestsellers.

In her books, she shares openly her unique method of how she became successful in Kindle publishing since 2012. Her students love her and become successful along the same path. So when you pick up her books, you will find that they are not like many people who tell you the same thing over and over again. Her style comes out in a fresh and unique way because she developed her unique method herself with a lot of testing, experimenting and providing services to her students.

One of the things that all Kindle publishers must be successful in is to have their books formatted correctly for readers. Poorly formatted books lead to refunds. People don't want to read them.

While many people just upload a document onto the KDP platform, it is much better if you do the formatting yourself and upload the book in kindle formatting. In this way, you will ensure that your books are formatted professionally!

Here are 5 Tips and Tricks I learned from Rosa Suen that are easy to implement, and will ensure excellent Kindle Book Formatting:

Tip #1: Use Microsoft Word to create your document.

Microsoft Word is a great tool to use because it's extremely easy to format them into Kindle Books. Do not save your content in RTF (.rtf) or DOCX (.docx) as they do not convert well to Kindle.

Tip #2: Make Page Break for each new chapter / heading

Kindle does not work on 'page numbers' because the pages change depending on the kind of fonts the reader chooses. Put a page break after each chapter so that they are clearly sectioned for the reader. To insert a page break in MS Word, use 'Control' + Enter.

Tip #3: Spell Check

People can request refund of kindle books they purchase within 7 days. When buyers see 'typos' in your text, they will definitely ask for refunds. As an author with a couple of bestselling books, that has happened to me a few times, and while it may have hurt my feelings (hey, I'm human), it's a reasonable reader expectation to have error-free writing. So, to ensure that your book is professionally done, remember to use the spell check tool.

Tip #4: Use Easy Layout Features

The following MS Word features convert well into Kindle Books: indentations, bold characters, italics, underline & headings.

Avoid using bullet points, headers and footers, tables as they do not convert well.

Tip #5: Images

Do not use the MS Art & Graphics feature for images. You can use images that are in .jpeg format. Jpeg files can be re-sized easily in the Kindle sized format.

You do not need to restrict yourself to black and white images. Readers using free Kindle apps for PC, MAC, iPad, iPhone and Android can view color.

Rosa Suen also provide templates with step by step process of how she formats her clients books from beginning to end. All the easy steps are laid out for you in screenshots.

From now on, you can potentially expect:

• Less frustrations with formatting issues

• No more time wasted on the nitty-gritty issues by learning some simple but effective formatting tips

• Fewer rejections from Amazon

• No more high outsourcing fees to get simple books formatted

• Your Kindle Book is going to look better for all your buyers

• Your Kindle buyers are going to have a better reading experience that they may want to continue buying your Kindle books.

Rosa Suen is a Bestselling Author of several hundred Amazon books on music theory, Kindle formatting and other topics platforms. Her new book, Kindle Publishing Secrets - The Kindle Formatting Formula is available on Amazon. Learn more about Rosa on her website.