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5 Reasons Charity Is Popular Among Big Business and Celebs

5 Reasons Charity Is Popular Among Big Business and Celebs
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Many cynics believe the world to have become an increasingly self-focused one, where everyone is driven by capitalism and the need for betterment of their own positions before and above all else.

However, there are some pretty staggering facts and figures out there about charity givers that would defy this argument, and rather than being the self-obsessed, greedy celebs and Big Businesses of the modern world, there are plenty of reasons why charity giving amongst them is commonplace (although the ones listed here would certainly seem to back the cynics!).

  1. For PR -- OK, let's begin with what is actually a cynical reason for big business and celebs to give to charity, and actually let's start as we mean to go on.

Giving to charity is great for PR. People love someone or some business or celebrity that (seemingly) gives without expecting anything back. Anything, that is, but awesome PR and the following four other things.

  • For an employee morale boost -- Working for an employer that cares is a great feeling, which is why when Big Business donates to charity, the staff that work for said company also feel inherently linked with such donations. Hey Presto! The average business has earned brownie points with the public, and plenty of boosted productivity amongst their workforce. This piece by Front Stream on the internal benefits of offering to charity summarises some of these positives quite well.
  • For increased networking possibilities -- Networking: it's somewhat of a despised buzzword and a largely hated activity, from the awkward ice breakers at industry events, through to social gatherings where everyone has an agenda. Thankfully charity giving can set up connections and help business leaders in coming together for something inherently good, and the emerging feel good endorphins from donations really can help with the landing of that business deal.
  • For plenty of brand positivity -- Whether we're talking about a celeb or a business, brand image is everything, and charity giving is an instant way of building up a wholesome one (just take a look at those super wonderful humans that are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, or that super generous company and its founder: Windows and Bill Gates). Both The Windows and the Jolie-Pitt brands are known as being amongst the most generous in the world, and in fact each have their very own foundations. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has received over28 billion in its time, whilst Brad's 'Make It Right' Charity receives an annual11 million.
  • For tackling both a good deed and a marketing task at once -- Marketing can be a tricky business, particularly when you're trying to create a good, wholesome image of a pop star who may otherwise wear anything but wholesome attire and sing lyrics that are decidedly banned before watershed. Same too for the company that makes millions or billions a year whilst its employees languish on minimum wage.
  • Thankfully, charitable giving can tackle such image problems and serve as just about the most effective and quick acting marketing tact there is!

    And it isn't just 'big' business that can benefit, as even the smallest of localized companies can boost their brand visibility whilst helping the community by opting to sponsor: this could be the local team, a nearby charity or a goal of the school or college that's just round the corner.

    Charitable giving is a complex thing and there are clearly numerous reasons business contributes to worthy causes. Yes, there are self-interested motivations, but also plenty of contributions for the sake of making a positive difference too.